Is Gardner Minshew's fantasy team better than yours?


There might not be room for Gardner Minshew on Gardner Minshew's fantasy team.

According to ESPN and Reddit, the Jaguars QB is a fantasy guru with an enviable keeper league/redraft team. It's so stacked that a certain mustachioed passer didn't even make the squad.

Instead, Minshew looks like he's rolling with the QB picked 177 spots ahead of him this year.

It's unclear if Minshew's league features a kicker or a D/ST. The roster he fields is deep, though; NFL Fantasy ranks Chris Godwin and Austin Hooper tops at their respective positions, and Alvin Kamara is always a play.

So how did he assemble such a dominant group? Minshew's friend and fantasy competitor Tre Polk thinks the QB engaged in a little insider trading en route to the NFL.

"It was ridiculous," Polk told ESPN. "He must have known something about Melvin Gordon, and he worked out with Josh Jacobs and liked what he saw so he took him, and he took the Patriots defense, and he grabbed Austin Ekeler."

That roster is good enough to earn Minshew a first-place tie -- and keep him off his own roster. Credit the man for putting pride aside in pursuit of an all-elusive league win.



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