Neil Reynolds Week 7 Power Rankings

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Sky Sports' Neil Reynolds returns with his 'Pre-Week 7 Power Rankings'. Watch Neil every Sunday LIVE on Sky Sports at 6pm.

  1. 1. New England Patriots

You have to wonder how all these offensive injuries are going to affect the Patriots when quality opposition heads their way. But, for now, they are winning ugly and defeating all who come befor them.

  1. 2. New Orleans Saints

It is now four wins from four without Drew Brees and Sean Payton must be delighted with the resiliency being shown by his team. And with the defense flying, this is a total team from top to bottom.

  1. 3. San Francisco 49ers

As much as Richard Sherman wants us to stay off the bandwagon, the 49ers are making believers of us all. That defense is filled with talented playmakers and the playoffs surely beckon.

  1. 4. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is the front runner for this year's NFL Most Valuable Player prize and he has the always-competitive Seahawks breathing down the Niners' necks in the NFC West.

  1. 5. Green Bay Packers

The Packers flirted with danger last week against Detroit but Aaron Rodgers reminded us that we don't always have to talk about their improved defense as he logged yet another fourth quarter comeback.

  1. 6. Houston Texans

A well-protected Deshaun Watson can result in a Super Bowl challenge being mounted by the Texans. I feel that strongly that he is an elite and game-changing talent.

  1. 7. Kansas City Chiefs

More worrying than Patrick Mahomes' dodgy ankle is the fact that KC's defense has shipped more than 180 rushing yards in each of the past four games. That lack of D is keeping Mahomes off the field.

  1. 8. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are coming off a bye last weekend and can feel very good about their start to 2019.

  1. 9. Minnesota Vikings

One minute the Vikings want to feature Dalvin Cook, the next they want to feed the receivers. When they find the right balance and productivity from both, they look like a playoff team.

  1. 10. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton has lost his last eight starts in Carolina. Kyle Allen is 4-0 this year as his replacement. I don't think anyone should assume that number one becomes the number one again in 2019.

  1. 11. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are coming off a bye but with their last game being a dismantling of the Chiefs at Arrowhead, I'm excited to see where this tough team can go the rest of the way.

  1. 12. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson doesn't wear regular pads. He dons some kind of superhero outfit before taking on NFL defenders every weekend. How else can we explain his destructive and devastating running style?

  1. 13. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz continues to make 'wow' plays for the Eagles but they miss DeSean Jackson's deep threat and the defensive secondary is terrible, as evidenced last weekend against the Vikes.

  1. 14. Chicago Bears

The Bears are coming off a bye and this offense needs to wake up the rest of the way or we're looking at a very frustrating season in the Windy City.

  1. 15. Detroit Lions

I love the way the Lions and scrapping and clawing under Matt Patricia this season. And they've been unlucky not to have a couple of other results go their way. They are a fun team to watch.

  1. 16. Los Angeles Rams

I get the whole Todd Gurley effect, but isn';t it time Jared Goff stood tall and put this team on his shoulders? Mind you, that is easier said than done when I'm not the one playing behind a depleted line.

  1. 17. Dallas Cowboys

Those halcyon days of 3-0 seem a lifetime ago. Dak Prescott was about to earn a big contract, Kellen Moore was going to be a head coach and Jason Garrett was safe as houses. Times they are a changing.

  1. 18. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are coming off a bye. What I want to see most from this team now is week to week consistency and a heavy dose of Josh Jacobs.

  1. 19. Pittsburgh Steelers

I'd like to wax lyrical about Duck Hodges but Pittsburgh's second win of the season was built on defense. And that unit might need to carry this team the rest of the way.

  1. 20. Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield looks far too lost at times and his NFL-leading 11 interceptions are a worry. Again, it's hard to operate behind a non-existent line. Nick Chubb needs to lead this attack.

  1. 21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There is no Plan B in Tampa so they're stuck with Jameis Winston for this season. He is frustrating because he can make so many amazing throws... followed by terrible tosses that are inexplicable.

  1. 22. Jacksonville Jaguars

Gardner Minshew came down to earth a little bit against the Saints last week but the defensive effort was good. Reaching a conclusion in the Jalen Ramsey drama could also be a good thing.

  1. 23. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are another team being undone by their lack of a decent offensive line. The effort put forth by Anthony Lynn's men has been one of the bigger disappointments of 2019.

  1. 24. Denver Broncos

This should be where I write about Denver's defense finally waking up, but let's remember they were only playing a toothless Tennessee team led by the stumbling and bumbling Marcus Mariota.

  1. 25. New York Jets

What a difference a quarterback can make. Sam Darnold lit a fire under the Jets and even though they have just one win to their name, I'm not convinced they are done yet in the AFC.

  1. 26. Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota got sacked far too often behind a bad offensive line and heads to the bench. But his replacement, Ryan Tannehill, also has a habit of drawing too many sacks. Do not expect a quick fix.

  1. 27. New York Giants

The Giants continue to fight hard but it is going to be difficult to properly judge this team until they get healthy and get some of their pieces back.

  1. 28. Arizona Cardinals

Two wins in a row are heady days indeed for a Cardinals team that still lacks a great deal of skill position talent. But Kyler Murray is proving to be an exciting week to week watch and enjoyed a career day in Week 6.

  1. 29. Atlanta Falcons

Arthur Blank is not prone to knee-jerk reactions but the Falcons owner must be wondering what has gone wrong with Dan Quinn at the helm. Matt Ryan is playing great but the D is really struggling.

  1. 30. Washington Redskins

Washington got their first win of the season last week but before they launch some kind of parade in D.C. it should be noted that they almost lost to the truly-terrible Miami Dolphins.

  1. 31. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals continue to show fight and heart, but those attributes alone don't win you football games. And that's why this team is winless. They don't have an abundance of talent.

  1. 32. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins lost and won all at the same time last weekend. That terrible play call on the game-winning two point conversion attempt was perfect in keeping 'Tank for Tua' alive and well.



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