Watch O.J. Howard's one-handed foul ball snag at ALDS


Good things happen when Tampa Bay gets O.J. Howard the ball.

Even if those happen on a baseball diamond.

We take you to the eighth inning of Game Four of the Rays-Astros ALDS Tuesday night. Tampa Bay outfielder Austin Meadows smacked a foul ball into right field -- and right into the bare left hand of the Buccaneers' third-year tight end.

Howard's no stranger to web gems like that. Baseball was his first love at Autauga Academy (Ala.), and Florida even recruited him as a dual-sport athlete.

Look at Howard's first pitch form. If he weren't London-bound with the Buccaneers, he could start the Rays' ALDS-deciding Game Five tomorrow night.

It's been a slow statistical start for Howard so far. Maybe more footballs will find their way into his oversized mitts after this baseball did.



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