Neil Reynolds Week 5 Power Rankings

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Pre-Week 5 Power Rankings

  1. 1. New England Patriots

New England's defense - and their secondary in particular - is playing at a stunning level through the season's first month and that, not Tom Brady, is currently the driving force behind this team.

  1. 2. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is human after all! He didn't throw a touchdown pass last week yet he still led the Chiefs to victory with more than 400 yards of offense on another 300-yard passing day.

  1. 3. New Orleans Saints

No Drew Brees? No problem. They're going to start printing that on t-shirts in New Orleans at this rate. And Sean Payton is going to earn considerable Coach of the Year plaudits if he keeps this up.

  1. 4. Los Angeles Rams

The attention is on quarterback Jared Goff, right now. But the Rams have considerable worries along their offensive line and I don't care how it gets spun, Todd Gurley is not the same back.

  1. 5. Dallas Cowboys

I'm not sticking the Cowboys into free-fall after their first bad showing of the season on Sunday night. This remains a talented team that will win a lot more than they lose in 2019.

  1. 6. Green Bay Packers

The defense was the early season story. But the narrative in last week's loss to Philadelphia was that an offense led by Aaron Rodgers could not pick up the slack when the D had an off night.

  1. 7. Chicago Bears

The Bears have not topped 300 yards of offense in any game this season but it doesn't matter when Khalil Mack is ripping up gameplans on the other side of the ball.

  1. 8. Buffalo Bills

The stage was too big for Josh Allen in last week's loss to New England but he will continue to grow and the defense showed me that it is becoming a very special unit in upstate New York.

  1. 9. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are coming off a bye. Nothing to see here, other than the defense has a chance to deliver a statement against Cleveland's offense on Monday night.

  1. 10. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been hammered with a host of injuries in the opening month, but they remain a team on my playoff radar so long as the excellent Carson Wentz is at the helm.

  1. 11. Cleveland Browns

That was more like it from the Browns as Nick Chubb shone in the backfield and Baker Mayfield looked much more comfortable. The key is going to be maintaining that level from week to week.

  1. 12. Seattle Seahawks

This would be a bang-average team were it not for all-world quarterback Russell Wilson, who continues to produce weekly magic behind a less-than-stellar offensive line.

  1. 13. Detroit Lions

I have to admit I was surprised to see how well the Lions played last week against Kansas City and they were unlucky to lose that game. Matt Patricia's team have my attention now.

  1. 14. Los Angeles Chargers

Another Chargers game, another big showing from Philip Rivers. And now Melvin Gordon can be eased into the lineup at running back, but hopefully not at the expense of Austin Ekeler.

  1. 15. Baltimore Ravens

Back-to-back losses - and reports of a locker room showdown between defenders Brandon Williams and Earl Thomas - will now test the spirit and resolve of the Ravens.

  1. 16. Houston Texans

Strangely, Deshaun Watson has not played well at home this season, posting a rating of 73.3. Away from home, the exciting talent has a quarterback rating of 125.7. I don't know what it means other than consistency is missing in so many areas in Houston.

  1. 17. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a deeper and more talented team than in recent years but even they have been affected by the losses of receiver T.Y. Hilton, linebacker Darius Leonard and safety Malik Hooker.

  1. 18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is not a done deal, by any means, but it feels like Bruce Arians is unlocking the combination that could turn Jameis Winston into a Pro Bowl passer. The Bucs are at least an interesting watch now.

  1. 19. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been very impressive on defense in the first four weeks of the year and this remains a talented team that will be competitive week in and week out.

  1. 20. Jacksonville Jaguars

The positive is that Gardner Minshew is a baller and Leonard Fournette is rolling. The Bad news is that Jalen Ramsey wants out and the Jags gave up 231 yards to Broncos wide receivers last week.

  1. 21. Tennessee Titans

Don���t look now but Marcus Mariota is playing some pretty decent football for the Titans and he got multiple big plays out of his receivers last weekend. A.J. Brown is fun to watch as a rookie.

  1. 22. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers may need more of the defensive showing that was on display against Cincinnati on Monday night. The bad news is that they don't get to play the miserable Bengals every week.

  1. 23. Minnesota Vikings

This talented team is a major disappointment. So far this season, they have beaten the teams they are supposed to beat and they have lost to quality opposition. That screams middle of the pack at best.

  1. 24. New York Giants

Two wins out of two to kick off the Daniel Jones era has fans in New York practically salivating. And Saquon Barkley is already back on the practice field and running. Let the good times roll !

  1. 25. Oakland Raiders

There is a long way to go in Oakland but I like the way this team plays with intensity on defense and Josh Jacobs is a tone setter at running back. Also watch out for Darren Waller at Tottenham.

  1. 26. Atlanta Falcons

I���m so disappointed in this team, I cannot even speak about it. Let's move on.

  1. 27. Denver Broncos

No wins, no ability to hold a late lead and now no Bradley Chubb rushing off the edge. These are dark days in Denver and GM John Elway could be on a warming seat.

  1. 28. Cincinnati Bengals

The offensive line is terrible, Andy Dalton has lacked efficiency at quarterback and John Ross has joined fellow receiver A.J. Green on the sidelines through injury. All is far from rosy in Cincinnati.

  1. 20. Arizona Cardinals

It was supposed to be better and more exciting than this... the Cardinals currently rank 23rd in total offense. It's time for Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray to step things up.

  1. 30. New York Jets

Sam Darnold is inching towards being ready but may not play this week. It probably won't matter against the Eagles and the Jets can stay down here in the NFL dirt for at least a while longer.

  1. 31. Washington Redskins

If Colt McCoy is the answer, it's probably best not to ask the question. Jay Gruden's seat has gone past hot and is approaching volcanic.

  1. 32. Miami Dolphins

I'll put as much into this analysis as the Dolphins are putting into 2019. They're not very good.



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