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Arrowhead Stadium to feature throwback end zones Sunday

  • By Matt Joye NFL.com
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Chiefs fans are about to bear witness to a sight that hasn't hit the Arrowhead Stadium field in decades.

For the first time since the AstroTurf days of the early '90s at Arrowhead, the Chiefs will feature colored end zones in Sunday's home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. The yellow-painted end zones will pay homage to the way the team's field looked at Kansas City Municipal Stadium in the '60s and early '70s. It's no coincidence that the 2019 season celebrates the Chiefs' 60th in Kansas City.

In addition to the end zones being painted yellow, the midfield logo will also have a new look at Arrowhead. While midfield has been covered with the Chiefs' primary logo in past years, it will now feature an image of the team's helmet for Sunday's game.

It's too early to tell if the Chiefs' field at Arrowhead will be this way for the entire 2019 season. But if it is, it would certainly add another layer of color to an already flashy Andy Reid offense.



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