Rodgers' advice to Lamar Jackson: 'Slide a little bit'

  • By Grant Gordon
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Originally scheduled programming for Thursday night had Aaron Rodgers making his preseason debut in the Packers' tilt with Lamar Jackson's Ravens.

However, Rodgers and the Packers erred on the side of caution as the quarterback had some back tightness and sat out.

Therefore, the two-time NFL Most Valuable Player had a front-row seat to watch Jackson do his thing, which included a sensational run to the end zone that saw the second-season QB juke out a would-be tackler and hurdle another one. Sure, the play was called back due to an illegal block, but it was Jackson at his dazzling best.

Following the Ravens' 26-13 win, the two starting signal-callers met up on the field and shared a brief, but memorable conversation that concluded with Rodgers advising Jackson that he too should err on the side of caution.

"What's up young fella?" Rodgers, 35, greeted Jackson, 22, with a handshake.

"What's up GOAT?" Jackson replied with a huge compliment.

"I love watching you play man," Rodgers retorted. "That was pretty spectacular."

"I love watching you play," Jackson said. "I appreciated that."

"Have a great season, man," Rodgers said ahead of the advice. "Slide a little bit."

"I got you baby," Jackson smiled.

As a rookie in 2018, Jackson set an NFL QB standard with 147 rushes and seems to be a safe bet to eclipse that as he'll start from the onset of the 2019 season.

So, it could be some good advice from Rodgers.

Heading into his 15th season, Rodgers' legs are still a weapon as he continues to defy would-be sackers to elongate plays and come up with playground-style success. He's also got 27 rushing touchdowns on his Hall of Fame resume, but has never tallied more than 67 carries (in 2016).

Hence, he knows about using his feet to find success, but also knows how to be smart about it.

As Jackson looks to lead the Ravens for a full campaign and will no doubt rack up the carries, how he finishes those runs -- choosing to slide or looking for the highlight even in the preseason -- might just determine how or if he finishes a full season.

Slide, young man, slide.