Baker Mayfield pays off ROY bet with Saquon Barkley


It turns out Baker Mayfield wasn't yanking Saquon Barkley's chain after all.

The Browns' star quarterback made good on his Rookie of the Year bet, presenting Barkley with an iced-out tribute to his unique physique.

Look at all those diamonds. That chain clearly doesn't skip leg day.

Mayfield and Barkley were drafted one-two in 2018, took the league by storm last season, and vacationed in Turks and Caicos together. They're as close as the 2018 Rookie of the Year vote was.

Still, a win's a win. And Mayfield plotted his friend's diamond-encrusted prize from the moment he became ROY runner-up.

"[The chain will] say 'Quads' on it, not 'Sa-quads' but just 'Quads,'" Mayfield told Bill Withers of the Associated Press. "The two extra letters in there cost a little bit extra money, so we'll stick with just 'Quads.'"

He wasn't joking around. If Mayfield wanted to make Barkley's chain as noticeable as the running back's tree trunk legs, he sure was successful.



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