Bill Belichick will outsmart you in paintball, too


The Patriots dynasty is known for taking "No Days Off" during its reign.

But the mastermind behind its six Super Bowl runs will make an exception -- if paintball is involved.

Bill Belichick cancelled two practice sessions to take his team paint-balling, per NBC Sports Boston. It looked like the perfect team bonding excursion at first.

That is, until Belichick showed linebacker Kyle Van Noy why he's the G.O.A.T.

"Bill got my ass," Van Noy told fellow linebacker Dont'a Hightower during a Tuesday Fortnite Twitch stream session. "(His) paintball hit me in the mask, and the mask hit my tooth and my s--- still hurts."

Belichick probably mapped his own attack plan out. He might've brought his own paintball equipment. The league's preeminent strategist finds an edge, no matter the sport.

So get better soon, Kyle. Thirty-one NFL teams feel your pain. They've all been outfoxed by The Hoodie for the better part of two decades -- and sometimes that stings.



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