Bradley Roby ready to take on T.Y. Hilton challenge


T.Y. Hilton has "clowned" the Houston Texans for years. The Indianapolis Colts' receiver generated 399 yards and 18 receptions in three games versus the Texans last year. Historically Hilton has owned Houston.

Enter: Bradley Roby.

The Texans signed the ex-Denver Broncos corner to help boost a secondary that lost several players. While the likes of Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson (who signed in Denver) were no match for players with Hilton's speed, Roby believes he can combat any receiver.

"I think I can guard anybody," Roby said Thursday during a conference call, via the Houston Chronicle. "It doesn't really matter size or speed, I can cover anybody. I think that's another reason why Houston wanted me here is to guard guys like T.Y. and Tyreek Hill. I'm used to it and I look forward to the challenge, definitely."

Frankly, Roby better feel as though he can guard anybody, otherwise stepping on the football field is a fool's errand for a cornerback.

Roby has had an up-and-down career since being selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The 26-year-old particularly struggled last season but owns the raw talent defensive coordinators love.

The Texans are betting the corner will bounce back in a new system and help answer the unsolvable riddle that has been covering T.Y. Hilton.