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Sean McVay will be without 'get-back' coach for SB LIII


ATLANTA -- Sean McVay will have to navigate the sidelines of Mercedes-Benz Stadium with a little more care than usual this afternoon.

Ted Rath, the Rams' director of strength training and performance who also serves as McVay's personal "get-back" coach, did not make the trip here to Super Bowl LIII along with the rest of the team because he is recovering from a recent medical procedure.

Rath became an internet sensation recently because of an NFL Films clip that has made the rounds on social media showing him pulling McVay out of the way of game officials working the sideline. Rath's dedication, combined with the notably cerebral McVay's obliviousness to the sideline traffic while scanning the field to take in as much information as possible, has made many an NFL Twitter follower wish they had their own personal get-back coach in their lives.

Unfortunately for McVay, he won't have Rath with him for the biggest game of his coaching career.

"It's tough because he's such a great competitor and he's so instrumental in us getting here," McVay said the other day about Rath, who also missed the NFC Championship Game victory over the Saints. "We love him. I know the players and coaches miss him when he's not here with us, but he's with us in spirit. He's done a great job of helping us get to this point and he knows that."

The good news is McVay said Rath is expected to make a full recovery and will be back with the team in the near future. McVay appreciates the way Rath, a former linebacker in college at Toledo and an assistant strength coach with the Dolphins and Lions, has provided input on the players' scheduling and conditioning this past week.

"There are so many different things he's able to do from afar to still help us out," McVay said. "He's still been involved.

As for who will help McVay avoid collisions with game officials today, that responsibility will fall upon assistant strength and conditioning coach Dustin Woods -- at least partly.

"Dustin will be my backup get-back guy, so he'll be pulling me back," McVay said of Woods, who filled in for Rath in New Orleans two weeks ago. "And hopefully, I have a little bit more self-control."



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