2019 NFL Draft order: Cardinals own top pick; Giants to take QB?

This is a look at the order for the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The order is determined by record, using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker. The order for playoff teams (21-32 in the order) is determined by the results of postseason play.

The Cardinals will get the party started in Nashville on April 25. Arizona clinched the first overall pick with its loss to Seattle on Sunday.

Taking a quick glance at the board, we could see the teams at the top opting for a "best player available" approach with their first pick, but the real intrigue begins at No. 5. Picks 5-7 are held by the Bucs, Giants and Jaguars, respectively, and those are the first teams that could be eyeing a QB in Round 1.

Here's a look at the order through Week 17, along with the top three needs for each team:

Arrows indicate how far up or down a team moved relative to last week.




Record: 3-13 (.527 strength of schedule)
Previous week: No. 1
Biggest needs: OL, WR, CB

Arizona's most pressing need is up front on offense, where an overhaul is in order to protect Josh Rosen, but the best players available in this draft are on defense. A stud pass rusher could be paired with Chandler Jones here.




Record: 4-12 (.504)
Previous week: No. 2
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, DB, WR

If there's a player on the board who can wreak havoc off the edge, the Niners have to take him, even though they would be spending their top pick on a defensive lineman for the fourth time in five years. Jimmy G could use another big target, too.




Record: 4-12 (.506)
Previous week: No. 3
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, OL, WR

Whether they choose to address it through free agency, the draft, or both, the Jets should be able to add the pass rusher(s) they've long sought. The other big focus of the offseason has to be beefing up the O-line and skill positions for Sam Darnold.




Record: 4-12 (.547)
Previous week: No. 4
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, DB, LB

There are needs pretty much across the board for Jon Gruden's squad. Priority No. 1, though, is replacing Khalil Mack. The Raiders finished dead last in the league with 13 sacks -- the next-closest team had 30.





Record: 5-11 (.523)
Previous week: No. T-7
Biggest needs: DB, DE, OT

The Bucs are in position to have their choice of QBs in the 2019 draft, but GM Jason Licht says Jameis Winston will be back next season. So, that leaves the secondary and pass rush as the areas that have to be bolstered for Tampa Bay to be more competitive.




Record: 5-11 (.527)
Previous week: No. 6
Biggest needs: QB, OT, DL

Will the Giants pass on a chance to pluck Eli Manning's successor again? It seems that way right now. If Dave Gettleman prefers to take one last ride with Eli, he could go O- or D-line here.





Record: 5-11 (.549)
Previous week: No. 9
Biggest needs: QB, WR/TE, OL

It would be a fitting parting gift from Blake Bortles if he is indeed done as a Jaguar -- he went 15 of 28 for 107 yards, no TDs and one INT in a 20-3 loss to the Texans to move Jacksonville up in the draft order. Now, it's time to replace him, and give the next guy a better supporting cast.





Record: 6-10 (.504)
Previous week: No. 5
Biggest needs: DB, edge rusher, TE/WR

The Lions' beatdown of Green Bay knocks them out of the top five in the draft order, but they'll still be picking high enough to find a nice piece for Matt Patricia's defense. Next on the to-do list after giving the D a boost? Finding a pass catcher who can do damage in the middle of the field.





Record: 6-10 (.523)
Previous week: No. T-7
Biggest needs: OL, WR, CB

It wasn't always pretty, but the Bills went 4-3 in their final seven games, and two of the losses were by just four points. Reasons for optimism! Now, the offensive line and pass catchers for Josh Allen have to be much better, but with a good offseason, this squad could take a big step in 2019.





Record: 6-10 (.523)
Previous week: No. 12
Biggest needs: CB, WR/TE, QB

Case Keenum's not the answer at QB, so if Denver finds itself in a position to land the top QB in the draft, it would be time to pounce. It appears unlikely that things will shake out that way, though, and that means it'll probably make the most sense to add a playmaker to the secondary or receiving corps.





Record: 6-10 (.535)
Previous week: No. 13
Biggest needs: LB, TE, QB

The Bengals might not be ready to end the Dalton Era quite yet, but it's time to bring in some legit competition for him, at minimum. There's plenty of work to be done elsewhere on the roster -- they're badly in need of another playmaker on defense and a threat to attack the seams on offense.





Record: 6-9-1 (.488)
Previous week: No. 14
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, S, interior OL

Well, that was ugly. A lost season came to a merciful end on Sunday, but not before the defense put forth another troubling effort. Green Bay should be looking for help at receiver and on the offensive line, but the biggest question marks are tied to the pass rush and secondary. The Packers will have two first-round picks to try to fix it, as they hold the Saints' top selection, as well.





Record: 7-9 (.469)
Previous week: No. 15
Biggest needs: QB, DE, OL

Ryan Tannehill isn't the only problem in Miami, but after seven seasons, we've seen enough to know it's time for a change at QB1. This team needs to invest in both sides of the line, too, especially on defense, with Cameron Wake turning 37 this offseason and due to become a free agent in March.





Record: 7-9 (.482)
Previous week: No. 11
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, OG, DT

It once looked like Atlanta might be picking inside the top five, but the Birds dropped down the board with three straight wins to close out the season. They still should be able to land a nice piece to address their biggest need -- the defensive line -- with this pick, given the quality depth at the position in the 2019 class.





Record: 7-9 (.486)
Previous week: No. 16
Biggest needs: QB, WR, OL

We're all hoping Alex Smith makes a full recovery from the gruesome broken leg he suffered in November, but Washington can't afford to put off finding a talented young passer for another year. In addition, this franchise remains badly in need of a No. 1 WR.





Record: 7-9 (.508)
Previous week: No. 10
Biggest needs: OL, edge rusher, S

Where to start for a once-surging squad that went 1-7 in the second half, with its lone win coming against a Saints team resting its QB1? Well, how about here: Mike Adams, Ryan Kalil (has said he plans to retire), Chris Clark, Eric Reid, Devin Funchess, Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers are all due to become unrestricted free agents in March. Who from that group will be back?




Record: 7-8-1 (.516)
Previous week: No. 17
Biggest needs: OT, WR, CB

Optimism is surging in Cleveland, and for good reason, even though the team still hasn't had a winning season since 2007. The Browns have their QB. Now it's time to get him a little more help.





Record: 8-7-1 (.504)
Previous week: No. 21
Biggest needs: OL, LB, DT

A disappointing season came to a fittingly painful end for Minnesota on Sunday. Now the Vikings have to hunt for guys who can tighten the protection for Kirk Cousins and widen the running lanes for Dalvin Cook. Oh, then there's the question of whether free-agents-to-be Anthony Barr and Sheldon Richardson will be back.





Record: 9-7 (.520)
Previous week: No. 20
Biggest needs: WR, OLB, DL

Tennessee has to add more juice on offense. If it can bring in some talent to become more dynamic on that side of the ball, maybe this team bounces back with a return to the playoffs next season.





Record: 9-6-1 (.504)
Previous week: No. 19
Biggest needs: CB, ILB, edge rusher

Soul-searching time. Defense should be the focus for the Steelers as they try to get the bad taste from the season out of their mouths.





Record: 9-7 (.518)
Previous week: No. 18
Biggest needs: CB, OT, RB

The pass defense has had some rough times this season, although Sunday wasn't one of them. In addition to looking for cover men in the secondary, Philly is due to spend an early pick on an offensive tackle, with Jason Peters soon to turn 37.




Record: 10-6 (.465)
Previous week: No. 22
Biggest needs: WR, DL, CB

The Colts are in the playoffs, just like we all predicted, right? Add another weapon for Andrew Luck and a disruptive force to the defensive front this offseason ... that's a team no one will want to face.





Record: 10-6 (.484)
Previous week: No. 25
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, DT, OL

It's worth investing in the defensive line this offseason, even if impending free agent Frank Clark returns, and it will be no surprise if a young O-lineman is added to the mix, with J.R. Sweezy and D.J. Fluker in a contract year.



Raiders (via Cowboys)


Cowboys' record: 10-6 (.488)
Previous week: No. 23
Cowboys' biggest needs: TE, DL, S

See above (No. 4) for the Raiders' needs -- they acquired this pick in the Amari Cooper trade. When Dallas is finally on the clock in April, will Jerry Jones be targeting a player who can help fill the void at tight end that's existed since Jason Witten's retirement? It was nice to see Blake Jarwin put on a show in the final week of the regular season, but Dak still needs a pass-catching weapon at the position.





Record: 10-6 (.496)
Previous week: No. 24
Biggest needs: Edge rusher, WR, OL

There's so much to like about this group heading into the playoffs, but the Ravens could face some hard decisions in the months ahead, with C.J. Mosley, Terrell Suggs, Za'Darius Smith and Brent Urban due to become free agents. There's also a need for a WR1.




Record: 11-5 (.471)
Previous week: No. 26
Biggest needs: OL, S, CB

We all know the story here. Houston has to give Deshaun Watson a better offensive line. He was sacked a league-high 62 times this season, tied for the most by a QB who has made the playoffs in the Super Bowl era, per NFL Research.




Record: 11-5 (.482)
Previous week: No. 27
Biggest needs: DL, LB, WR

It's going to be a fascinating offseason in New England, like always. There's the lingering question of when they'll spring for the next heir apparent to Tom Brady. Then you factor in the concerns about whether Gronk can be Gronk again, the uncertainty about Josh Gordon's future, the fact that Jason McCourty, Trey Flowers, Chris Hogan, Malcom Brown, Phillip Dorsett, Danny Shelton and Cordarrelle Patterson are due to become unrestricted free agents ... there's a lot going on here.



Raiders (via Bears)

Bears' record: 12-4 (.430)
Previous week: No. 28
Bears' biggest needs: OT, OG, DB

See above (No. 4) for the Raiders' needs -- they acquired this pick in the Khalil Mack trade. As for the Bears, this is a well-built roster, but if there's one area to target for improvement this offseason, it would be the run blocking up front.




Record: 12-4 (.477)
Previous week: No. 29
Biggest needs: DT, OT, DB

It's worth investing in the O-line to make sure Philip Rivers stays upright -- you could argue there should be no greater priority. However, there's likely to be a hole to fill in the middle of the defensive line with Brandon Mebane, Darius Philon and Damion Square in the final year of their deals.




Record: 12-4 (.480)
Previous week: No. 30
Biggest needs: DB, edge rusher, RB

It's all about the defense this offseason. The secondary has been barbecued way too often, and drafting another pass rusher would be a good idea, even if they don't allow Dee Ford to walk in free agency.




Record: 13-3 (.480)
Previous week: No. 31
Biggest needs: OLB, DB, DT

It will be interesting to see whether they bring back some key cogs on defense that are in a contract year. Dante Fowler, Lamarcus Joyner and Ndamukong Suh are due to hit the market. And keep in mind -- Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters have deals that expire after next season.



Packers (via Saints)

Saints' record: 13-3 (.482)
Previous week: No. 32
Saints' biggest needs: CB, TE, LB

See above (No. 12) for the Packers' needs. The Saints sent them this pick in their trade to move up for Marcus Davenport in the 2018 NFL Draft. A team fully engaged in win-now mode, New Orleans will have very little draft capital to play with in 2019. It holds only one pick (a second-rounder) in the first four rounds.