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Jamal Adams on loss: Jets didn't prep much for Barkley


In the offseason, New York Jets safety Jamal Adams said his team did the "bare minimum" as a team in 2017. Things haven't gotten better for a Jets squad crashing and burning again in 2018.

Adams was asked Tuesday on WFAN's "Carlin, Maggie & Bart Show" whether those comments could describe the current state of the Jets.

"Honestly, I could sit here and sugarcoat everything, but things have not changed," Adams said, via ESPN's Rich Cimini. "Obviously, we're still losing. I'm not saying we have guys like that in our locker room, but at the same time, it's not changing. It hasn't changed. We're still losing. At the end of the day, we're going to get it fixed. The sun will shine."

With coach Todd Bowles walking the long plank for the final six games of the season, Adam's comments about Sunday's blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills will help the staff.

The safety, and team captain, said "no one came to play," and the sideline lacked energy. Notably, he highlighted that the Jets defense prepared to play Josh Allen only to get dive-bombed by Matt Barkley.

"We obviously planned for Josh Allen to come in there," Adams said. "We thought he was going to play. Obviously, he didn't play. Obviously, we didn't have a lot of film on Barkley."

Adams isn't doing his coach any favors. Given that Allen was limited all week and the Bills had a bye coming up, the tea leaves suggested the rookie would sit again. Not that who they prepared for should matter when facing a career backup who hadn't started a game in two years, but it speaks to the state of a coaching staff. It's especially damning after Adams earlier in the year noted that the Jets weren't ready to face Baker Mayfield in a loss to Cleveland.

Bowles' inability to prepare only to get walloped by previously dead-on-arrival offenses has sealed his fate. Two games Bowles didn't prepare his squad for alternate realities led to two losses.

Adams was asked if the team had quit.

"That's something I can't answer," he said. "All I can control is what I can control for myself. I know damn well I didn't quit."

Certainly the film shows that Adams was one of the few playing hard. One or two players out of 11, however, wouldn't beat an NAIA football team.

"Definitely, some words were said," Adams said when asked about talking to teammates at halftime. "You can only say so much."

Words and losses are the only thing the Jets have at this point in 2018.