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Kareem Jackson: Texans have 'very win-now atmosphere'


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Kareem Jackson

Safety, Houston Texans

Born: April 10, 1988

Experience: Ninth NFL season

Interview by Austin Knoblauch | Nov. 6, 2018

We're winning because we've got a great group of guys, great leadership in the locker room. So it's all about staying positive and eliminating bad football. Just watching those first few games and how they unfolded for us, we kind of felt like we were beating ourselves. We just had to eliminate those one or two bad plays throughout the course of the game that put ourselves in a bad situation.

We felt like once we could do that, we could turn it around. That's what we're doing now -- we're making those plays as opposed to not making those plays those first three games. It's the small details.

Guys have been on the same page now communication-wise, so there were a few things we had to fix in order to put ourselves in a position to win.

I'm motivated to go out and do my best week to week and be consistent. Some games you get more opportunities than others, so when you get your chance, you definitely want to make the most of it.

The bye week is definitely good for us, we got a ton of guys out, especially in the DB room. So when we get back, hopefully some of those guys will be able to hold their heads up and come back stronger after the bye.

Not worried about [the bye breaking our momentum]. We got a lot of guys who can kind of handle themselves in the locker room and do the things that we need them to do once we come back and just kind of pick up where we left off.

Of course, I think it's a very win-now atmosphere here. I don't think an organization goes into a year not wanting to win. Everything that they do is for that reason to win. So, for us, we want to win now, it's about winning now.

I definitely see us taking that next step forward. That's our goal: To win and get into the playoffs, and we're taking that next step as a team.

You definitely got to be in the right place on big hits. Some of the play-calling, it's going to put you in some great situations to give you a chance to make hits like [I made on Phillip Lindsay] or interceptions. So it's just all about taking advantage of that opportunity and know the situation and those points of the game because they can definitely change the momentum of the game in the right direction and boost your team to get a win.

Tennessee playing some good ball. We all know what Jacksonville is capable of -- we all saw the type of year they had last year. I'm sure they're doing whatever they can to get things turned around in the right direction. Colts are always a challenge when you got Andrew Luck and the type of competitor he is.

Demaryius [Thomas] is a good pick up for us, especially after losing Will Fuller. Adding another veteran guy, with the experience he has and being another Pro Bowl receiver on the other side of DeAndre [Hopkins], it's just another piece for us.

Demaryius came in and he got going right away. That's the type of guy he is, that's what coach [Bill O'Brien] knew he was going to get, so that was a huge pickup for us.

For us it's always about being consistent, week in and week out. We've got to go to work every day. We got a good team to build on our success and we have to continue to get better.

When it comes to challenging [offensive] guys, I definitely like myself. Because I'm going to put the work in that I need to put in on a day-to-day basis to go out and be successful on Sundays. We got some guys who are challenging in our division.

You got T.Y. Hilton. You know the type of player he is, he's a speed guy and he's been putting up a ton of numbers for years. So there's always a challenge going up against guys like that. You got a couple of guys in Jacksonville, but for myself, I always like myself when it comes to challenging them.

You always have self-goals in the back of your mind. Of course you want the team to win, but at the end of the day, when you can go out and accomplish some goals on your own, that's always great. I just want to go out and be a piece of the puzzle and help the team win as much as I can.

The perfect outcome for me, obviously, would be to win the Super Bowl and stuff like that. For me, I want to play as long as I can, stay healthy and keep being consistent out there.



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