Nagy: Mitch Trubisky played better than people think

Mitch Trubisky did more damage with his legs during Sunday's 38-31 loss to the New England Patriots, scampering over and around the defense to extend drives, going for 81 yards and a score on six runs.

With his arm, however, the Chicago Bears quarterback was erratic, throwing two interceptions (he got lucky it wasn't more) and completing 52 percent of his 50 pass attempts, for a 69.8 passer rating.

Despite the outward struggles, Bears coach Matt Nagy defended his quarterback Monday.

"Going back and watching tape, he played as I thought," Nagy said, via Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune. "He played a better game than most people think he played. Early in the game, there are some throws that look like he missed them, but he missed them because the guy isn't open and it's more of a throwaway. ... Mitch also understands that he gets all the blame in those types of situations.

"He'll also be the first to tell you, and so will I, that there were a few he wishes he had back, downfield throws. And he's got to hit those. He knows that. We know that."

Trubisky's Sunday was characterized by sporadic ball placement, several deep underthrows, and at least one red zone decision that should have resulted in another pick.

However, Nagy doesn't see the errors as prolonged problems that will plague the QB's season.

"We just keep pushing along," Nagy said. "Adversity strikes and you've got to be prepared to [go through] peaks and valleys. We're in a valley right now. So we've got to get out of the valley."

The Bears and Nagy know they will only go as far as Trubisky can lead them. The new coach isn't going to bash his young quarterback and chance crippling the signal-caller's confidence halfway into the season.