Redskins RB Adrian Peterson has no beef with Saints

Next Monday night will mark a #RevengeGame for Adrian Peterson. The running back, however, said he has no beef with the New Orleans Saints.

"I don't have any enemies down there," Peterson said, via the Washington Post. "It was a wonderful city. They treated me well. I will be back for some beignets when I get down there. But it'll be good to see some of the guys that I went through training camp with through that whole grind process. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

"I still sit back and not understand what kind of went wrong, but at the end of the day, that has led me here to another opportunity ... I made some friends that I'll have for a lifetime while I was there."

Frankly, sir, Alvin Kamara happened.

After Peterson signed in New Orleans in 2017, the Saints drafted Kamara in the third round of the draft. Had Sean Payton known he would get the shifty running back in the draft, it's likely Peterson would never have been signed.

All Day spent four games in New Orleans compiling 81 yards on 27 attempts (3.0 yards per carry average). The experience included a wicked stare down of Payton with some words on the sideline in the season-opener versus Peterson's former team, the Minnesota Vikings. The running back was released and landed in Arizona for six tilts last year.

Peterson said he understood the Saints wanting to free up snaps for the dynamic Kamara.

"Yeah, I know talent when I see it," Peterson said. "... Just being around him and learning his personality and seeing his work ethic. That, with the talent he was able to present in OTAs and training camp, and being a rookie as well, it was a no-brainer that he was going to be there for a long time.

"His toughness. He kind of fits Payton's ideal offense, as far as that Reggie Bush-type running back. But he's actually a physical back, as well. He'll run between the tackles and he's physical."

Peterson landed in Washington this season and through three games has been a workhorse, compiling 236 yards on 56 carries (4.2 yards per tote). At 33-years-old the running back still owns burst through the hole, shiftiness in a phone booth, and power to run over defenders.

Peterson added that he's been giving the defense tips about Payton's system.

"I know these guys' personality offensively," Peterson said. "... I've been talking to the guys, giving them a mind-set of the guy that they're going to be facing. I think that in itself will be helpful."

How helpful will be seen Monday night in New Orleans.