Drew Brees scores five touchdowns in overtime thriller


Three weeks.

We've had a game finish with 79-plus combined points in each of the first three weeks.

Two of those games have included Drew Brees. One came Sunday. Why don't we give the man his due credit?

Without further ado...

Unstoppable Performer

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

This is old hat, right? Drew Brees has been doing this since the Shop Boyz were hot, hasn't he?

(Guitar riffs play) Y-y-yeaaaaah.

It's true, Brees has been doing this type of thing for quite some time. But he added a fresh wrinkle on Sunday, with the game on the line: a spin.

Sure, it might have been one of the slower spins you'll see in the NFL. Brees is no spring chicken. Give him a break because guess what -- he still scored.

That touchdown tied a game that Brees eventually won with a methodical drive and an overtime QB sneak from the one-foot line to walk off with the W. Before that, he also racked up 396 yards and three touchdowns through the air on 39-of-49 passing to finish with five total scores. He needed every one of them to outpace his competition, Atlanta's Matt Ryan, in a game that finished as just the fourth in NFL history in which passers combined for 750-plus yards, eight touchdowns and zero interceptions. Pure football beauty (as long as you don't play defense).

Brees is 39 years old. Father Time is already deadlocked in a knock-down, drag-out fight with Tom Brady. He might have another worthy contender awaiting in the shadows wearing No. 9.

Also considered ...

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Motion to rename this piece to Unstoppable Mahomers?

Denied? OK, fine. But for the third straight week, Mahomes is here as an unstoppable performer because, well, he's been unstoppable. How unstoppable? Well I'm glad you asked!

Here's a list of the most passing touchdowns in the first three games of the NFL season:

-Peyton Manning (2013): 12

-Tom Brady (2011): 11

And here's Patrick Mahomes (2018): 13

By my high-level math, that makes him the most productive (in terms of passing touchdowns) quarterback through three weeks in the history of the NFL.

Now, three weeks isn't all that long. The Bills started 3-0 in 2011 and finished 6-10. The Browns once won four games to close a season and save Eric Mangini's job for one more ill-fated campaign.

This feels different, though. Andy Reid is scheming his tail off, yes, but Mahomes has a rare blend of ability that we knew existed but didn't know could look this good at the NFL level. His arm is a well-publicized 120mm cannon, his legs a pair of powerful, multidirectional propellers, and inside his head and chest are a brain with intelligence and confidence and a chest filled with a ton of heart. How else could you explain this throw?

Mahomes has connected with nine different receivers for touchdowns this season. He's 4-0 as a starter, including a 3-0 mark and a 137.4 passer rating in 2018. I could dump numbers on you forever, but the tape speaks for itself: This guy is lighting the league on fire.

Albert Wilson, Miami Dolphins

With all credit due to my former colleagues Alex Gelhar, Matt Harmon and Matt Franciscovich: BERT ALERT!

Wilson was about as efficient as possible on a football field Sunday. He touched the ball a total of three times. Two of those three touches resulted in the game's two most important touchdowns.

First, he masqueraded as a quarterback even though the sun was clearly still up in Miami:

Then, with a 21-17 lead and a fresh possession gained via clutch interception, he decided he wanted to get a taste of paydirt for himself:

Did you see him chuck the deuces? That's Tyreek Hill's (and Parris Campbell's) celebration. Wilson even got the whole receiver fraternity jumping by high-fiving the guy he threw a touchdown pass to earlier in the game. All we need is Kenny Stills and this perfect Sunday is complete. Wait -- he scored too!

Sunday gave us the best #BertAlert in history, and the Dolphins another raucous victory. The only people left dissatisfied were those in Silver and Black -- and there's always next week.