McVay: Rams would welcome Kevin Durant 'anytime'


Kevin Durant has the opportunity to play for a new super team in the West.

The NFC West, not the Western Conference.

Here's the Golden State Warriors star on Instagram, pitching his plan to pull a Deion Sanders, switch major sports, and join the Los Angeles Rams.

Consider Rams head coach Sean McVay completely on board with this plan. He told ESPN's Lindsey Thiry he'd welcome Durantula with open arms and even has a role in mind for the two-time NBA champ.

"I bet he'd be pretty dangerous in the red zone on some of those jump balls," said McVay.

Way to play it cool, Sean. Durant would turn your offense into a football alley-ooping juggernaut and you know it.

Think about it: Durant is listed at 6-foot-9 (KD is actually at least 7-foot tall, but hasn't been measured in several years), 240 pounds, and owns a 33.5-inch vertical leap. That'd make him the tallest wideouts ever, according to Football Perspective. This is what that looks like on a football field.

Go ahead and add Kevin Durant in all your deep sleepers dynasty leagues.



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