Player you'd build defense around: Aaron Donald? Khalil Mack?

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The holdout is over! Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams have finally reached an agreement on a six-year contract extension worth $135 million, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Friday.

As evidenced by his hefty contract, which makes the highest-paid defender in the NFL, the fifth-year defensive tackle is one of the league's top players and the center of the Rams' defense. However, Donald isn't the only disruptive player in the NFL.

That brings us to this question: Who is the current player you'd want to build your defense around?

LaDainian Tomlinson: Von Miller has proved his worth for the Broncos since he was drafted

We've seen how much of a game-wrecker Von Miller is (SEE: Broncos' 2015 postseason run). The eighth-year pass rusher can change the game on any given play with an array of pass-rush moves. On top of averaging more than 11 sacks per season for his career, Miller has the passion every coach wants in a player. His leadership skills, dynamic ability and production make him the best defensive player in the league right now.

Michael Robinson: Aaron Donald possesses rare quality by wreaking havoc from the interior

The Los Angeles Rams have the ideal player to build a defense around in Aaron Donald. He can play all four spots on the defensive line, has a great motor and is very explosive. He's not as tall as other defensive tackles, but his quick get-off allows him to make contact with offensive linemen before they even get out of their stance. Donald commands double or triple teams, giving teammates one-on-one opportunities.

Steve Wyche: Khalil Mack's presence is incomparable for the Raiders

There are a lot of good pass rushers in the NFL but the most complete is Khalil Mack. He plays the run well and is a GREAT pass rusher who has played in a 3-4 system and 4-3 scheme. Entering his fifth NFL season, and hopefully his holdout ends soon, Mack is a young player who frees things up for others to make plays.

UPDATE: Mack was traded to the Bears on Saturday.

Charley Casserly: Three-time DPOY J.J. Watt is still the league's best

J.J. Watt, when healthy, is clearly the best defensive player in the NFL. He is the Tom Brady of this era on defense. It's like this ... When Brady plays, you can just give him the Offensive Player of the Year award every year. Same goes with Watt and the Defensive Player of the Year award. The Texans star can line up at four positions along the line of scrimmage, as well as rush from the linebacker position, causing more problems for the offense than any other top defensive linemen/linebacker in the league.

The obvious concern is his health having missed 24 games over the last two seasons. If I was convinced by the medical staff that his previous injuries are not chronic, I would take him. If you are worried about Watt being 29 years old, Reggie White was 32 when he signed with the Green Bay Packers and was a huge part of their success.

If not Watt, I'd go with Aaron Donald. He has some position flexibility, too, along the line of scrimmage. What makes him even more valuable is inside pass rushers are hard to find. Top quarterbacks like Brady and Drew Brees are most bothered by inside pressure.

Willie McGinest: Building a defense around a great pass rusher proves successful

It's tough to decide between Von Miller, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack. But if I'm basing my answer on what I saw last season, I have to say Donald. The 2017 Defensive Player of the Year applies so much pressure on the quarterback from the interior and opens a lot of things up for the defense. What he does up front allows the second and third levels to flourish.



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