Watch Broncos vets give rookies awful haircuts

  • By Ralph Warner
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Training camp is where rookies pay their dues. High draft picks are trying to live up to the hype, while low picks and undrafted free agents are trying to make the final roster. In addition to proving their worth on the field, rookies have to build camaraderie with their new teammates.

Some teams have simple traditions like rookies bringing donuts for veterans, while others have them pay for dinner bills equivalent to the price of a new car. On Tuesday, each 2018 Broncos rookie had to do something that put a dent in their ego rather than their wallet.

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Each rookie -- including No. 5 pick Bradley Chubb -- were at the mercy of their teammates' clippers.

Fun fact: Former Broncos QB (and birthday boy) Tim Tebow had this memorable cut way back in 2010:



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