Michael Gallup continues to create buzz with TD catch


The biggest question this offseason in Dallas has been how the Cowboys would replace Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

We've heard every possible angle discussed, from the current corps offering diverse options, to the Cowboys adding more speed to the receiver corps, to the lack of a go-to allowing Dak Prescott to spread the ball around.

After hearing about the possibilities for months, we finally got to see it in action on Thursday night, albeit briefly.

The Cowboys opening drive in a preseason loss to the San Francisco 49ers ended with a gorgeous 30-yard strike from Prescott to rookie receiver Michael Gallup. The third-round pick burned veteran Jimmie Ward on the route.

"You've got to be able to do it. Coach tells us all the time that you've got to be able to win nine routes," Gallup said. "If they're going to load the box, you've got to have wide receivers that are putting out production."

Gallup owns the size, route-running ability, quickness from set, and back-shoulder acumen to become the Cowboys leading receiver in 2018. With a plethora of targets up for grabs in Dallas this season, Gallup should get every opportunity to shine.

Thursday night's flash was just the beginning.