The 10 Craziest Pick-Sixes in NFL History

  • By Ralph Warner
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Deion Luwynn Sanders is celebrating his 51st birthday today. There hasn't been another sports figure that combined charisma with an elite array of athleticism quite like Prime Time. He was a Hall of Famer on the gridiron and spent nine years playing baseball at the highest level. Stolen bases, interceptions, receptions, home runs, kick returns -- Sanders could do it all. That being said, the most electrifying highlight in his arsenal was the pick-six. In his 14-year NFL career, Prime Time had nine interceptions that he took took to the house for a TD.

In honor of the Hall of Famer's 51st birthday, we look back at the 10 Craziest Pick-Sixes in NFL History. From an improbable pick-six you've (likely) never seen before to another that sealed a Super Bowl victory, here are the 10 wildest pick-sixes in NFL history.

Bonus: Ron Brooks Completes the Most-Improbable Pick-Six

Date: 9/3/2015 (Preseason)

Game: Bills vs. Lions

Yes, this was during a preseason game -- the only preseason play on this list. However, before you disqualify it for not counting ask yourself if you've ever seen this kind of pick-six before... Exactly.

No. 10 Patrick Peterson Tips It to Himself

Date: 11/9/2014

Game: Rams vs. Cardinals

The hand-eye coordination on this is next level. Then again, all of Peterson's career has been next level -- he's made the Pro Bowl every year since entering the league.

No. 9 Deion Sanders' 93-Yard TD in Return to the Georgia Dome

Date: 10/16/1994

Game: 49ers vs. Falcons

There was no love lost between Deion Sanders and his old teammates when Prime Time made his return to the Georgia Dome in 1994. Sanders got into a scuffle with Falcons wideout Andre Rison before this (1:40 mark of the clip) 93-yard pick-six. This was peak Prime in every sense of the word -- did you see him stare down the Falcons' sideline?

No. 8 Jason Sehorn's Rolling, Juggling INT

Date: 1/7/2001 (Divisional Playoffs)

Game: Eagles vs. Giants

This game opened up with a 97-yard kickoff return by the Giants' Ron Dixon and only got worse -- for Eagles fans -- from there. Jason Sehorn's circus interception happened in the second quarter, but it was the icing on the cake for the Giants in their eventual 20-10 victory. My favorite part about this clip is one of the Giants coaches emphatically pointing which way to go for the touchdown. This is important information -- just ask Jim Marshall.

No. 7 James Harrison's 100-Yard Pick-Six

Date: 2/1/2009

Game: Steelers vs. Cardinals (Super Bowl XLIII)

James Harrison is all about maximum effort, just look at his ridiculous workout videos. Most 250-pound linebackers would be satisfied with intercepting Kurt Warner in the red zone heading into halftime. Not Harrison. He ran it back 100 yards, giving the Steelers a 17-7 halftime lead.

No. 6 Al Harris "Gets the Ball and Scores"

Date: 1/4/2004

Game: Seahawks vs. Packers (NFC Wild Card)

"We want the ball, and we're going to score!" Matt Hasselbeck made that guarantee minutes before throwing a game-ending pick-six to Al Harris. Hasselbeck's lackluster attempt to tackle Harris at the end of the 52-yard return only added salt to the wound.

No. 5 Ronde Barber Shuts Down The Vet

Date: 1/19/2003

Game: Buccaneers vs. Eagles (NFC Championship)

Look away now, Eagles fans. Prior to Ronde Barber's 92-yard pick-six, the Eagles were threatening on the Bucs' 10-yard line. A comeback win would close The Vet with a victory and send the team to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1980. However, Donovan McNabb's misguided throw (plus Barber's return) put the game on ice and gave Philly fans one last painful memory at The Vet.

No. 4 Willie Brown Seals Raiders' Super Bowl XI Victory

Date: 1/9/1977

Game: Raiders vs. Vikings (Super Bowl XI)

Willie Brown's 75-yard interception return put the Raiders up 32-7 over the Vikings and just minutes away from capturing their first Lombardi trophy. The slow-mo clip of Old Man Willie running full speed toward the camera makes this one of the best NFL Films shots of all time too.

No. 3 Tracy Porter's Super Bowl-Sealing INT

Date: 2/7/2010

Game: Saints vs. Colts (Super Bowl XLIV)

The Saints were hanging onto a 24-17 lead with just over three minutes left when Tracy Porter jumped the route for a 74-yard pick-six. Porter later said he was expecting the third down route after seeing it numerous times in film study. See kids, whether intercepting Hall of Fame QBs or acing exams, it's all about preparation.

No. 2 Ed Reed Makes History

Date: 11/23/2008

Game: Eagles vs. Ravens

This was originally scored as a 108-yard return, but then it was reduced to 107 yards after a review days later. The statisticians can keep the measly yard, Reed's pick-six is still the longest in NFL history. His jersey and the football from the play were sent to Canton.

No. 1 Eric Allen Spins and Jukes His Way to 94-Yard TD

Date: 10/3/1993

Game: Eagles vs. Jets

NFL Films founder Steve Sabol called this play the "Greatest interception return in NFL history." You'd be hard-pressed to find a more exhilarating pick-six. Eric Allen's return had spin moves, jukes, broken tackles and breakaway speed. Allen's pick-six also completed the Eagles' 21-point comeback over the Jets.



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