Watch Terrell Owens run a 4.43 40-Yard Dash

  • By Ralph Warner
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Workout bros Terrell Owens and Julio Jones were back at it again on Monday. The pair hit the track at UCLA and T.O. ran a 40-yard dash.

After running a (hand-timed) 4.43, T.O. (of course) had something to say to the naysayers.

"Ya boy just ran under 4.5. I ain't no joke, y'all think I'm lying," said Owens about his reported blazing speed.

If you're wondering how T.O.'s unofficial time stacks up against the times of WR prospects at this year's combine, here are the 10 fastest 40-yard dashes:

Owens' reported 4.43 would put him in a fourth place tie with Calvin Ridley and a few other wideouts. Ridley was just one year old when the 49ers drafted Owens in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft.

That being said, NFL analyst Bucky Brooks pointed how 40-times ran on a track are faster than those run on turf.

At the combine, all participants run their 40-yard dashes on turf.

We'll keep you posted on what T.O. and his Jones get into next as the 44-year-old continues his comeback quest.



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