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DDFP: Ross Tucker & is missing minicamp a big deal?

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Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by former NFL offensive lineman & podcast host Ross Tucker as well as Matt "Money" Smith and Handsome Hank. The gang starts up by talking about if LeBron James will end up in Los Angeles as well as Kobe Bryant's recent comments about LeBron (4:23). Since it is the anniversary of the Michael Jordan flu game, the group told stories of their own flu game moments including Ross playing a game in Osaka, Japan (15:50). Next, Shek asks the group if it's important that so many players this off-season such as Tom Brady and Julio Jones are missing mandatory mini-camps (39:40). Lastly, David Carr pops into the studio to defend having a key card to the Raiders facility and Ross comments about his handsomeness (59:55).

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