Formal Flashback: Prom pics of NFL Stars

  • By Ralph Warner
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Outside of graduation, prom is the biggest event of any student's high school experience. Months of preparation and thousands of dollars go into some people's prom nights. However, no matter how much time or effort you put into prom, there's always a good chance that years (or decades) later, you'll be a tad bit embarrassed by the photos taken that night.

Awkward expressions, photobombing family members, weird color-coordinated outfits -- everyone is subject to the throwback embarrassment of old prom photos. Even your favorite NFL stars.

From Alex Smith as prom king to Andrew Luck before the beard, check out prom pics of these NFL stars.

Patriots WR Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman grew up across the street from Jerry Rice and actually dated the G.O.A.T.'s daughter, Jaqui, throughout high school.

"The first time I saw [Rice], we were shooting hoops and he came out on the front steps, no shirt on, all yoked up, gold chain, six-pack abs," wrote Edelman in his memoir Relentless. "I was shook, and I think that might have been the point Jerry didn't really talk to me and never talked to me about football."

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Panthers WR Torrey Smith

White suits were all the rage back in the early 2000s, just ask King James.

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Lions WR Marvin Jones

There's a good chance you probably stopped talking to your prom date right around freshman year of college. Not Lions WR Marvin Jones. A decade later, Marvin and Jazmyn are still living out #relationshipgoals.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan

Who would've thought that the guy wearing the top hat would become the highest-paid QB in NFL history.

Patriots QB Tom Brady

I can't confirm that this pic is definitely from prom, but it sure looks like it. Tom Brady is the living, breathing epitome of "If you can't handle me at my..., then you don't deserve my then you don't deserve me at my..." meme.

Colts QB Andrew Luck

Is Andrew Luck without the beard, really Andrew Luck?

Redskins QB Alex Smith

No. 1 overall draft pick, three-time Pro Bowler, 2017 passer rating leader, and, oh yeah, Helix High School class of 2002 prom king.

Free agent QB Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez still goes to prom every now and then, except when he goes now, he has 100 dates.



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