Jerry Jones: No big gap between Cowboys, Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles celebrating their first Super Bowl title is not sitting well in Dallas.

The Cowboys haven't hoisted the Lombardi Trophy since the 1995 season, and they haven't been to the playoffs in back-to-back years since 2007.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked how Philly became the Super Bowl champs in two years while his team has mostly been stuck in the mud of mediocrity.

"Well, Philadelphia had been trying to win a Super Bowl the 30 years I'd been in the NFL and got it this year. Not two [years]," Jones said recently, via ESPN's Todd Archer. "So, they've been trying a long time to win a Super Bowl and other teams have, too. So, it wasn't just a two-year run for them to go to the Super Bowl."

The salty seasoning sprinkled on Jones' response displays just how much Philly winning the Super Bowl rankled the Cowboys.

Jones was asked about closing the gap in the NFC East, but the Dallas owner doesn't see much of a difference between squads.

"I think that if the gap is defined as them winning the Super Bowl and [us] not even getting in the playoffs, then we've got to close the gap," Jones said. "I think that we should've been in the playoffs. We weren't. But I don't believe that us not being in the playoffs this past year is the size of the gap."

In Jones' view, the Cowboys and Eagles are similar in many ways. Philadelphia, however, won a title last season while Dallas wilted after their 13-3 2016 campaign.

"They've got a team that mirrors us in a lot of respects," Jones said. "I like a lot of things that we have that they have. We've got a running game, offense and quarterback [Dak Prescott] that I'm so proud of for looking ahead and building off of. They probably have more, to say the least, they probably have more names on defense. When I say names, just say they probably have what we'd like to continue to get to. But we've got some guys that I think we can get to there.

"I'd like to think that Philly closed the deal of where we had an opportunity to do it the year before."

The NFL is a year-to-year league in which teams can zip from worst to first, as the Eagles did in 2017. That fact keeps hope alive in Dallas, even as the Eagles retooled their monster roster this offseason while Jones' squad stayed relatively quiet.