Highlights of National Signing Day 2018

  • By Ralph Warner
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One of the biggest days on the college football calendar is in the books and plenty of programs have a good idea of what next season's rosters will look like. Powerhouses like Georgia and Ohio State won the day, nabbing several of the nation's most sought-after recruits.

In addition to this day being the next step in their football lives, signing day is an opportunity to show a bit of their creativity. Why simply put a hat on, when you can bring out Snoop Dogg or a Chucky Doll to help make your announcement? Check out the Highlights of National Signing Day 2018.

This Baby Does Not Approve

Recruit: WR Tommy Bush
Committed to: Georgia

If you're a firm believer in ominous signs, this clip suggests that Bush probably should've gone with Texas or Ole Miss instead of Georgia. However, if you put superstitions aside, you can see how a room full of giant humans screaming and clapping would frighten an infant.

Uncle Snoop visits Olaijah

Recruit: CB Olaijah Griffin
Committed to: USC

Football enthusiasts know Olaijah Griffin as a five-star corner from Mission Viejo High School. West coast hip-hop fans know Olaijah's dad, Warren Griffin III (a.k.a. Warren G) for G-funk classics like "Regulate." The father and son brought the worlds of college football and hip-hop together on Wednesday with a little help from their close family friend Snoop Dogg.

Olaijah Gets Things Poppin'

Recruit: CB Olaijah Griffin
Committed to: USC

Griffin wasn't done there, the cornerback added a bit of flair to his signing by having his dad pop a balloon to announce where he was heading.

The Chucky Connection

Recruits: DEs Andrew Chatfield and Nesta Silvera
Committed to: Florida (Chatfield) and Miami (Silvera)

Chatfield and Silvera played together at American Heritage High School in Plantation, Florida and many speculated on whether the pair would commit to the same college. However, Chatfield ended up signing with Florida and Silvera with Miami. The Jon Gruden Chucky dolls just represented the bond the two recruits have. "It shows my love and whatever we do, we do it hard," Chatfield told DieHards.



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