Mark Wahlberg Won't Be Devastated If The Pats Lose

  • By Daniel Greco
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For the second consecutive season, the New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl, but this year, their most famous fan won't be completely devastated if the Pats lose.

Mark Wahlberg, who's an outspoken Patriots fan, played former Eagles special team player Vince Papale in the movie Invincible. Papale didn't play football in college, but he was able to score an NFL contract at the age of 30, making him the oldest NFL rookie in history.

Wahlberg spoke to NFL Network's Rich Eisen and his wife Suzy Shuster on their podcast "Not Just Sports" about his two favorite teams playing each other in the big game.

"How excited I am that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, having played Vince Papale, played an Eagle, having become an honorary Philadelphian, welcomed by the Philadelphia fans as one of their own. I really take pride in that," Wahlberg said. "I've made five movies in Philadelphia and I predicted the Eagles would make it to the Super Bowl. It's my Patriots and the Eagles and I couldn't be happier. I'm very excited. It's win-win."

Even though Wahlberg is shooting a film in Colombia during the Super Bowl, he is hoping that director Peter Berg will let him leave to attend the game. If he doesn't attend the game, Wahlberg already has his Super Bowl prediction in.

"To be honest, I think the Patriots win by 17," said Wahlberg.



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