Mosley wants to stay a Raven, be 'second-best' ever


C.J. Mosley talks like a linebacker who knows what's obtainable.

As a four-year standout who's already been selected to the Pro Bowl three times, the Baltimore Ravens backer knows he'd like a contract extension past the 2018 fifth-year option the team picked up last offseason and he knows it'll all likely work itself out.

The more interesting thing Mosley understands? No matter what he does, it's probably never going to be good enough to better Ray Lewis.

"I've never been a guy that's liked change or gone to a new place and start over," Mosley told ESPN this weekend, prior to Sunday's Pro Bowl game. "I went all four years at Bama. I was at one high school. I was at one middle school. So I'll love to stay in Baltimore and continue my legacy and try to be the second-best linebacker to finish out there."

It's funny to hear Mosley speak like that. Most athletes, however untrue the masses know it to be, say they want to be the greatest. But Mosley understands that in Baltimore, that seat is untouchable.

Lewis finished his career with 1,592 tackles, 41.5 sacks and 31 interceptions. He won two Super Bowls. Mosley is a mere 1,234 behind in tackles, 33.5 behind in sacks and two behind in rings won.

But if there's one young player who can at least threaten Lewis' spot on the throne of all-time Ravens linebackers, it's Mosley. Comparing his first four years to Lewis' are interesting. Mosley through four: 328 tackles, eight interceptions, eight sacks. Lewis through four: 483 tackles, seven interceptions, 13 sacks.

Who knows if Mosley will ever ultimately get to Lewis' level. One thing that he -- and nobody else in Baltimore -- doesn't seem worried about obtaining? A contract that'll lock him up with the franchise for plenty of years to come.

"It's definitely new, talking about contracts and money and all that," Mosley said. "Everybody is well-respected with the Ravens organization, from the top to the bottom. I love all the coaches, all the players, so I definitely expect to finish my career there."