Carson Wentz had NFL's top-selling jersey in November


The Philadelphia Eagles placed Carson Wentz on injured reserve Tuesday. The official paperwork represented the culmination of a night terror turned reality for Iggles fans, who thought, maybe -- just maybe -- this was finally the year.

Ugh, maybe it still is! This has been a weird season. If the Eagles do find a way, something tells me Nick Foles' jerseys will soon represent the hottest merch in the NFL. But, for now, that designation belongs to Wentz, which is quite the bummer given the greater context.

With the exception of newcomer Adam Thielen, the top 10 is populated by the usual suspects. Shoutout to Tom Brady and Jason Witten, two guys who have been around long enough to logically necessitate a replacement jersey for longtime supporters. A replica jersey can only withstand so many blue cheese spills, after all.


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