Tarik Cohen makes 12-year-old cancer patient's wish come true

  • By Ralph Warner
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Being an NFL rookie takes some getting used to: You face elite competition every week, you play 16 regular season games instead of 12, and the game itself is a lot more complex. On the plus side, you get more exposure and gain more fans.

Last week, Bears' rookie RB Tarik Cohen met one of his biggest fans, Quinn, a 12-year-old boy who's battling leukemia.

Quinn hung out with Cohen, the entire Bears' roster, and head coach John Fox. During the Bears' practice, Quinn told the players that he wanted them to a win on Sunday and even broke the huddle.

The Bears lost to the 49ers 15-14, but Quinn's favorite player gave him a lifelong memory.

Salute to the Bears for this heartwarming story, Cohen for the amazing return, and Quinn for his brave battle against Leukemia.

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