Chuck Pagano is turning press conferences into movie chats

  • By Grant Pardee
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Step aside, Peter Travers. Take a hike, Richard Roeper. Chuck Pagano is establishing himself as a movie authority, at least within the context of his weekly press conferences.

Last week, the Colts head coach found himself on an extended riff around the classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day -- a moment that quickly made the rounds on social media.

While outside observers weren't quite sure what to make of that moment -- what is he talking about, and why? -- the local sports media in Indianapolis have certainly been welcoming Pagano's more relaxed approach.

That fun-loving spirit was in full force again today, as Pagano gifted Groundhog Day DVDs to reporters who (inexplicably) had never seen the movie.

Pagano didn't stop there, somehow finding a way to work in an reference to the Geena Davis/Tom Hanks movie A League of Their Own to his press conference today.

We're currently taking bets on what classic movie you think Pagano brings up next week. Probably another '90s classic that regularly plays on cable... The Sandlot? Shawshank Redemption? A Christmas Story? Early word is Vegas has Good Burger at 10,000 to 1 odds.

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