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Worst to first: Eagles aim to clinch division Sunday


If you're an NFL team sitting in the cellar of your respective division this season, don't fret. Odds are, next year will be your year.

With a win or tie over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, or a win or tie or Cowboys loss in any of the season's remaining games, the Philadelphia Eagles will become the 22nd team in the last 15 seasons to go from last place in their division to locking up first place in it. In fact, just once (2014) since 2003 has at least one last-place team not come back the following season to take home the division crown:

2003: Carolina went 11-5 after 7-9 2003: Kansas City went 13-3 after 8-8 (tied for last place)

2004: Atlanta went 11-5 after 5-11

2004: San Diego went 12-4 after 4-12 (tied for last place)

2005: Chicago went 11-5 after 5-11

2005: New York Giants went 11-5 after 6-10 (tied for last place)

2005: Tampa Bay went 11-5 after 5-11

2006: Baltimore went 13-3 after 6-10 (tied for last place)

2006: New Orleans went 10-6 after 3-13

2006: Philadelphia went 10-6 after 6-10

2007: Tampa Bay went 9-7 after 4-12

2008: Miami went 11-5 after 1-15

2009: New Orleans went 13-3 (won Super Bowl) after 8-8

2010: Kansas City went 10-6 after 4-12

2011: Denver went 8-8 after 4-12

2011: Houston went 10-6 after 6-10 (tied for last place)

2012: Washington went 10-6 after 5-11

2013: Carolina went 12-4 after 7-9 (tied for last place)

2013: Philadelphia went 10-6 after 4-12

2015: Washington went 9-7 after 4-12

2016: Dallas went 13-3 after 4-12

The Eagles might not be the only ones to join that list this year, either.

The Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers all finished at the bottom of their divisions last season. All three are now either in or within one game of first place.

So if you're the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the San Francisco 49ers and this year feels lost, have hope. In 12 months, it might just be you on this list in 2018.