Redhead Royalty: Is Carson Wentz actually Prince Harry?

Unless you just woke up from your post-Thanksgiving leftovers food coma, you've probably heard that Prince Henry of Wales is now engaged to his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Prince Harry is dominating headlines and trends on social media today, but another redhead has been making waves for a couple months now -- Carson Wentz.

Before some of you freak out, yes, Wentz is indeed a redhead.

The Eagles quarterback is the MVP favorite, leads the league in passing touchdowns (28), and has the 10-1 Eagles on the verge of clinching the NFC East.

Eagles' fans stateside are rejoicing, while those across the pond are excited for the next royal wedding. Wentz and Prince Harry are just two gingers flourishing and reppin' the 2% of the world's population with crimson hair.

But wait, are they actually two redheads? Or just one person living double lives? *cue the eerie soundtrack*

The Eagles' social team has even acknowledged the resemblance.

There's only one way to quell this conspiracy -- Prince Harry has to attend one of the Eagles' remaining games. Should he attend one of their home games, Philly fans can make sure Wentz doesn't bring a stunt double. A few NFL fans from the UK should attend too, just to make sure it's the real Prince Harry. Philadelphia has two games left at home, one on Christmas Day against the Raiders, and another on New Year's Eve vs. the Cowboys.

Regular people tend to have plans for both of those dates well in advance, much less an actual Prince. However, if Prince Harry can make it to one of those games it will be one of the most iconic moments in redhead history. Right up there with Lindsay Lohan's Oscar-worthy performance in Mean Girls.

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