NFL TV guide to Week 12 of 2017 season

  • By Emma Sauerwein NFL.com
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Which NFL games this week are must-watch television? EmmaVP from the Dave Dameshek Football Program breaks down the top made-for-TV matchups in her NFL TV guide for Week 12 of the 2017 season.


Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

"Finding Torrey" -- 1 p.m. on FOX

When he finds out that his contractual brother Torrey has run away, sweet but naive Carson drops everything to track him down, not realizing how this emotional decision negatively impacts the NFL game in which he's currently playing in. Feeling like a fish out of water, Trubisky learns that it's OK to ask for help sometimes, especially when you're flailing around, trying to flee from a flock of man-sized predatory birds.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

"McCoy Story" -- 1 p.m. on CBS

After a rather inanimate showing last week, McCoy and the Bills suddenly come to life, as they recognize their future is in grave danger. Kareem Hunt gets left behind and must escape the destructive clutches of an AFC neighbor boy named Lorenzo Alexander. Knowing Andy has a shiny new toy ready to take his place, Alex Smith tries his very best to prove he, too, deserves love.

New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams

"Drewtopia" -- 4:25 p.m. on CBS

Drew Brees, a celestial human in a class of his own, leaves his quaint southern quarters for the big city, eager to prove to the entire animal kingdom that he can contain this week's bunch of sheepish bad guys. As times suddenly become divisive in their community, two Rams, Goff and Gurley, concoct a fast and loose plan, which would allow them to revert back to how things were just a mere week ago.

Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers

"JuJumanji" -- 8:30 p.m. on NBC

After a fortuitous "roll the dice" celebration, JuJu and his rag-tag gang of receivers trigger the re-emergence of a young at heart curmudgeon called Ben, ecstatic to finally be unstuck. In order to free the old guy from his troubling situation for good, the Steelers' offense must win the game, counting on DeCastro to halt stampeding giants and Bell to shake off some pests that escaped from a land called Wisconsin.

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