Ask 5: Which college football WR is the best NFL prospect?

It's still relatively early in the evaluation process, but I believe the 2018 draft class will feature tremendous talent and depth at quarterback and running back. Now, the class at the wide receiver position might end up lacking depth, but there are a couple of very intriguing players who could be in the group.

Which one will emerge as the best prospect? That's a question I posed to 5 NFL executives. Here are their answers.

Executive 1: Texas A&M's Christian Kirk
"It comes down to (Calvin) Ridley and Kirk. I think Ridley has a higher ceiling while Kirk has a higher floor. I ended up stacking Kirk ahead of Ridley just because I know exactly what I'm buying. He can be an elite slot receiver and punt returner. He's ready to play right away."

Executive 2: Alabama's Calvin Ridley
"I'd take Calvin Ridley in a heartbeat. He can separate and he can fly, with upside to still get even better. (I) like the character and competitiveness, too. Pretty impressive package."

Executive 3: Ridley
"I like Sutton at SMU, but I'd probably lean more toward Ridley based on what I've studied so far."

Executive 4: SMU's Courtland Sutton
"Courtland Sutton is big, strong and athletic. He makes tough catches look easy. He's had a target on his back this year and he's still produced."

Executive 5: Sutton
"NFL body, legit vertical speed, very good hands, plus he is a front-line blocker. Very good character as well. Has all of the size and talent to be a No. 1 receiver."

Summary: That's 2 votes apiece for Sutton and Ridley and 1 vote for Kirk.

Conclusion: These are the names I expected to hear. It was interesting to see the argument for ranking Kirk over Ridley. I think Kirk will be a very safe pick, but I also think Ridley will add a dynamic element to any NFL offense. I still need to do more work on Sutton, who's been invited to the 2018 Reese's Senior Bowl. I compared him to Mike Evans after studying his tape from last season.

I agree that this class won't be as deep as some others we've seen in recent years, but there could be some special talents leading the pack.

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