The Middies Award for Best TD Celebration of 2017 (So Far)

  • By Ralph Warner
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All week we've been reflecting on The Best Celebrations of 2017 (So Far). From individual players breaking out dance moves to intricate team celebrations that got the nostalgia vibes flowing, we've enjoyed 9 weeks of end zone jubilation.

To think, this all started in May with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's letter to the fans,letting them know that the league was easing up on celebration rules.

Today, we bring you the best celebration of 2017 (so far) -- it was immediately praised for its creativity and also hotly debated over what to call the re-enactment of this children's game.

The Vikings Play "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck"

Game: Vikings vs. Bears
Date: 10/9/2017
Celebration by: Vikings offense

The Midwest has its own flare and vocabulary -- I learned this a few years ago when I moved in with my old roommate who's from Indiana. I'm a California native who's never set foot in the Midwest, so I was a little puzzled when he would call soda "pop," frozen custard "concrete," and say "For cryin' out loud!" when a bevy of other profanities were available.

All that said, I never heard him say "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck." Then again, two guys in their mid-20s living in L.A. rarely ever have a reason to talk about playground games.

So, when Case Keenum connected with Kyle Rudolph on a 13-yard touchdown pass, the celebration that followed was "Duck, Duck, Goose." There was no question, I'd seen it and played it countless times in preschool and elementary school. However, people on Twitter (specifically those from Minnesota), corrected Jon Gruden, telling the color commentator (an Ohio native) that it's "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck," not "Duck, Duck, Goose."

The debate raged on and even was tallied in a 2nd grade classroom in Wisconsin.

So, calling it "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" doesn't appear to be a Midwest thing, but rather a specific Minnesota thing.

This celebration earned the top spot because it was creative, had a nostalgia factor, started a trend (i.e. Steelers and Chiefs playing childhood games later on), and it sparked a national debate.

The Vikings have set the 2017 celebrations bar, we'll see if any other players or teams can take the top spot in the second half of the season.



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