Jared Goff, Alvin Kamara due to see upgrades in Madden

The Los Angeles Rams have the best scoring offense this season as they have averaged 32.9 points per game. They've scored more than 30 points in five games. Which is amazing when you consider the Rams scored more than 30 points in only five games in their previous three seasons combined.

I mean, nobody wanted to use the Rams in Madden last year when their offense was the laughingstock of the league. Now my friends' three boys had to take a lengthy timeout because they were fighting over who was going to get to be the Rams. I think that might be the ultimate show that you've finally arrived as an NFL offense. You are getting children in trouble.

And thankfully I was able to point out that all three of them could use the Rams. Which made everything better. Well, until they figured one of them had to use those horrible blue mismatched uniforms that only Jared Goff himself likes. But I guess when you are playing so well, you can make any uniform look good.

Goff's 97.9 passer rating is the best in a season by a Los Angeles Rams quarterback. Look, I grew up loving Jim Everett, but Goff is starting to look better than him. He's second in win percentage right now. He's third in yards per attempt, in the top 10 in touchdown passes (13) and passer rating. His passer rating has improved by 34.3 over last season, the fifth-biggest improvement in NFL history.

So it's pretty good to be a member of the Los Angeles Rams right now. And here are some other players who should be moving up the rankings soon in Madden.

Moving up

» Alvin Kamara has thrived since the team jettisoned Adrian Peterson. He rushed for 68 yards and a touchdown, and also had 84 receiving yards and a touch last weekend against the Bears. We're seeing the Saints evolve from a pass-happy team with Drew Brees, to one that is going to rely on Kamara and Mark Ingram, while also going with a pretty strong defense. It's a near compete transformation that you're likely see in your standard rom-com.

» Tyrod Taylor is also due for a boost. He's often overlooked as one of the top quarterbacks in the game, but he's been consistently good. Like, I don't get it. Even Sean McDermott entered this year and wanted to check out some other options at quarterback before he committed. But he's been rewarded for his choice. Madden enthusiasts are also rewarded because Taylor combines a great passer rating along with some excellent rush skills. Taylor threw for 282 and two touchdowns last week, and also added 35 rushing yards and a touchdown.

» Marvin Jones has been on fire lately, too. Jones was targeted 11 times in the Lions' Monday night win over the Packers. He had seven receptions for 107 yards and two touchdowns. He also made some sick catches and his spectacular catch rating should be on the rise at the very least.

» Matt Forte is another to keep an eye on. Forte has been very consistent for the Jets this year. There were thoughts that he was going to be pushed aside for players like Bilal Powel and Elijah McGuire. But the savvy vet has shown that he's still got some life left in him. He's been one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL, but he's putting on a show this year. He had two touchdowns last week on Thursday Night Football.

» And one more guy who could see his stock rising in the coming weeks is Rex Burkhead. Many Patriots are battling injuries, including Chris Hogan. Burkhead figures to be a big player in the team's game against the Broncos on Sunday.