NFL IQ quiz Week 9: Time to test your football knowledge

  • By Josh Cohen NFL.com
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Welcome to the Weekly NFL IQ Quiz, testing your knowledge as we head into Week 9 of the 2017 season. Think you know your stuff? Give it a go! The answers will be posted here Saturday at noon ET.

1. Matt Ryan will face Cam Newton this weekend in a matchup of the NFL's last two MVPs. When was the last such matchup between two opposing QBs?

2. Before suffering his ACL injury Thursday, Deshaun Watson was tied with Carson Wentz for the most passing touchdowns in the NFL this season (19). Who is the last rookie to lead the NFL in passing touchdowns?

3. The Jaguars are on track to have the NFL's No. 1 scoring defense this season. When was the last time Jacksonville allowed the fewest points in the NFL?

4. Todd Gurley is the fourth Rams player to gain 900-plus scrimmage yards in the team's first seven games of a season. Who are the other three?

5. If Carson Wentz went on to win the MVP, he would be the fifth player to win the award within his first two years in the NFL. Who were the other four?

6. Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins will face off in Seattle this Sunday. Wilson and Cousins were the sixth and eighth QBs selected in the 2012 NFL Draft, respectively. Who was the quarterback selected in between them?

7. Kareem Hunt leads the NFL in scrimmage yards this season, with 1,070. Who was the last rookie to lead the NFL in scrimmage yards?

8. In the last 20 seasons, 240 players have 65-plus pass attempts in the NFL. Among those players, Brett Hundley has the NFL's worst passer rating (32.3), while Aaron Rodgers has the second-best (104.1). Who is the only player to rank ahead of Rodgers, keeping the Packers from owning the QBs on both ends of the spectrum?

9. Jay Ajayi accounted for 86.9 percent of the Dolphins' rushing yards this season. Through the first eight weeks of the season, only one player had a higher percentage of his team's rushing yards than Ajayi. Who is that player?

10. There are three teams this season that have yet to win or lose back-to-back games. Who are they?



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