Rank's 11 Week 9 sleepers: Kenyan Drake in the mix


Wow. The NFL had a legit trade deadline frenzy we've become accustomed to in other sports this week. Some big names were on the move. And yeah, there could have been a couple more, like maybe T.Y. Hilton going to the Bears or something, but overall it was rather exciting to see some of these names being dropped on Monday night and Tuesday morning. But if I do have one small, minor request the way the NFL drops these.

I mean, am I right? That would be about the most amazing thing ever. I know many of you probably aren't old enough to remember when the WWE had some distinct competition from WCW, but it was a huge deal when wrestlers jumped federations (or organization). Now we only get that on the NXT level when dudes like Adam Cole and reDRagon recently joined (though The Dirt Sheets, the wrestling version of Ian Rapoport, spoiled those).

Still, let me give you the cliffs on what went down this week and how it should impact your rosters


First, there was my pal Jimmy G. going from New England to San Francisco which was kind of a shocker. I mean, Tom Brady is going to play until he's 60. But Jimmy, the Arlington Heights native, should help make Pierre Garcon a viable option moving forward. Just when I was on the verge of rage-dropping him, too.

Speaking of rage dropping

Jay Ajayi being moved was kind of a shocker. The Dolphins are still sort of in it. But let's be truthful, Adam Gase seemed to never feel Ajayi. I like his situation better in Philly. He gets an upgrade on the offensive line, though a downgrade at quarterback. Yes, I'm kidding.

Kenyan Drake is the guy in Miami, I guess. But it's mostly the default. It's like when all of your friends have picked through the Starbursts and just the yellow and orange ones are left. I mean, I love it. But I'm weird.

And then, to cap it all off Kelvin Benjamin is gone. I mean, his value stays the same because he's basically playing for the same team. But at least Tyrod Taylor has another weapon and if you've streamed him, he might be your permanent quarterback. I know folks will be bummed about Cam Newton, but his best season came without KB, so take that for what it's worth. And a quick little sleeper to keep an eye on is Curtis Samuel for the Panthers.

All right, let's roll on.

How good has Tyrod Taylor been?

Very. He's also done historically well against the Jets in the past with an average of more than 20 points in his last three against them. The Jets are spreading it around, though. They have allowed 17 touchdowns this season. That's the most in the NFL. Oh yeah, and he has Kelvin Benjamin now! Upgrade this guy right now. RIGHT NOW.

What about your guy Jared Goff?

I think I'm going with him over Marcus Mariota this week. Goff is good on a road trip. Like my friend Johnny California who knows every dive bar between Los Angeles and Baker. Goff has scored at least 18 fantasy points in two of his last three road games. The Giants have allowed the sixth-most points to fantasy quarterbacks. And hell, I just trust Goff and Sean McVay. I'm all about this. And look, Janoris Jenkins is now out.

Who is the Giants running back to go with? Orleans Darkwa

He seems like the best of the bunch to me, just from the eye test. The Rams defense has been good as of late, but there is still a chance to get some yards on the ground against them. And it's the Week 9 bye. Six teams are out of the mix and you don't have a lot of choices. It's like trying to find a costume for your daughter at one of the big box chains on Halloween morning.

Give me the Dolphins RB to use: Kenyan Drake

The matchup is good against the Raiders, who have allowed the third-most points to fantasy running backs. But the offensive line is still the same, right? I mean, I wish it was as simple as just switching out a malcontent and everything being copasetic. I'm not that optimistic. I don't know why I suddenly started writing like Alex Trebek.

Hey, can I play Adrian Peterson?

You're certainly allowed to. I'm not sure I would advocate it. But then again, the 49ers haven't been great against the run. Or just playing football in general. The 49ers have given up the most fantasy points to running backs this year. So go for it.

I need a sneaky wide receiver: Cole Beasley

The Kansas City Chiefs cannot stop slot receivers this year. And I'm under the impression the Cowboys will throw the ball a little bit more this week. No reason. But the Chiefs have allowed 91 targets to slot receivers. Beasley has lined up in the slot 86 percent of the time (fourth-most in the NFL). So I'm a huge fan of this.

Hook me up with a tight end: Tyler Higbee

The Giants have allowed a receiving touchdown to a tight end in eight consecutive games. The Giants are also allowing a lot of fantasy points to tight ends this year. Watch this be Gerald Everett who catches the touchdown. But I'm still rolling with TH.

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