Vance Joseph: Trevor Siemian 'hasn't been perfect'


After a rollicking start to the campaign, Denver's offense has sputtered over the past three weeks to the tune of just 14 points per tilt.

The Broncos on Sunday night couldn't run the ball on the previously winless Giants, forcing young quarterback Trevor Siemian into an unfavorable game script that asked him to throw the ball 50 times.

Forced to play from behind, Siemian unfurled a pair of interceptions and took too many hits behind a struggling offensive line. Chalk it up as another uneven outing from a quarterback who has shown plenty of promise this autumn.

"His decision-making has been half and half in my opinion," first-year coach Vance Joseph told The Denver Post. "We have some big plays that we've missed, and he's made some nice plays under pressure. It's half and half. It hasn't been perfect. I won't lie and tell you that it's perfect. He understands that he has to play better in spots, we have to protect better in spots and we have to run the football better. That's our formula."

Asked to name the biggest issue for Denver in the loss to New York, Joseph didn't hesitate, saying: "The turnovers, obviously. That's the story of the game for us."

The Broncos own the league's fifth-worst turnover margin, propelled partly by Siemian's six picks. While he's shown excellent vision in games where Denver protects him well, Sunday night saw him create mistakes against constant pressure, especially in the red zone.

Siemian's been at his best when the ground game is popping and his linemen keep him sound, an environment we've seen him thrive in during early season wins over the Chargers and Cowboys. With three key road games up next -- against the Bolts, Chiefs and Eagles -- it's time for Denver to get back to that formula.

"When you have mistakes or negative plays on offense, it usually falls on two or three people," Joseph said. "Not just the quarterback. But obviously, he's the quarterback and at the end of the day, it definitely falls on his shoulders because he's the quarterback. Mike [McCoy] is the coordinator and I'm the head coach. It definitely falls on those individuals first, but it's everyone."