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Haley: 'I'm understanding' of Antonio Brown's reaction


The more people outside the Steelers' organization find outrage in Antonio Brown's sideline display of frustration last week, the more it seems the people inside the organization have already talked about it, digested it and moved on.

Some evidence? dug up two other heated sideline arguments that Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley has been in with players during his career -- one with Anquan Boldin in Arizona and another with Matt Cassel in Kansas City.

Haley tried to calm Brown down on the sidelines Sunday against the Ravens, but the receiver ripped himself away from his coordinator.

"You just try to understand that guys are passionate and want to contribute and want to make plays, and there are going to be some emotions out there," Haley said, via the website. "I've been one of the emotional ones at different times, so I'm understanding of it."

When a moment like Brown's Gatorade flip and coach snub make it to a telecast, it seems jarring, but the reality of the situation -- and really any other high-stress work environment -- is that tensions tend to rise quite easily and explosions of anger are fairly inevitable. Those videos of Haley show how common an occurrence it is, and why he's not going to stand on a soap box to take his receiver down in public.

It's surprising more players aren't spotted losing their cool on the sideline. A football team is a collective unit, but it's also comprised of 47 players on game day with vastly different salaries, playing time expectations and skills and goals among those getting hit, poked, prodded and jammed on a second-to-second basis. Every single player has probably seen a similar blowup at some level in their playing career.