Rank's 11 Week 5 sleepers: Don't doubt DeVante Parker


There's an old joke that says, hey, this guy is playing chess and everybody else is playing checkers. I know, hilarious. But it made me think of Rams coach Sean McVay. Because if McVay is playing chess, then last season Jeff Fisher was peeling potatoes. It's not even the same thing.

I remember watching this LA Rams offense sludge through the motions last season like cars trudging along the 405 during rush hour, the night before Thanksgiving.

It's crazy how different this offense looks now. Honestly, let's just go ahead and give McVay the NFL coach of the year award right now. I don't want to overact here at the quarter mark of the season, but I feel like a lot of you are underreacting. You aren't giving enough deference to the job McVay has done with this Los Angeles Rams football club. I grew up out here and loved (ah hell, I still love him) Jim Everett, but I've never seen an LA Rams offense look this great. It's very fun to watch.

And what's even more unusual, I was watching the game at the brewery on Sunday and there were people in the bar who were actually cheering for the Rams. INSANE. I thought I would never see that.

So Jared Goff as a sleeper option? Yes. I'm not afraid of the Seahawks this week. I was apprehensive to endorse Goff last week against the Cowboys after they harangued Carson Palmer on Monday Night Football. But Goff was out there dealing and the Cowboys had no answer. With Drew Brees on a bye, Derek Carr banged up, and Marcus Mariota with a hamstring, there's a huge need for streaming options. I almost want to put Goff on all of my rosters to use in the coming weeks. He's got some good matchups looming.

Wait, are you going with your guy, Mitchell Trubisky?

I'm encouraged about the arrival of Mitch to the Bears. And you can read more about that in a new column I have debuting this week called, "Unpopular Opinions" which will be right here, on NFL.com. But I'm going to start him in fantasy. The strength of the Bears offense is the running game and the offensive line. I anticipate a limited passing game (partly because of the lack of elite receivers), so temper your expectations. I see this as a situation where Mitch (yeah, we're close like that) makes the Bears better. Not your fantasy team. The Bears also win on Monday night. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Wait, is this Giants-Chargers game a revenge game for Eli Manning or Philip Rivers?

Neither. Both of your careers worked out just fine. Eli has two Super Bowl rings. Rivers got to live in San Diego for his playing career. You're good. But I love Eli's matchup this week against the Chargers who are middle-of-the-pack when it comes to points allowed to fantasy quarterbacks. And it's not like the Giants are going to run the ball.

Who was that Giants running back who looked good? Wayne Gallman

But again, I would temper your expectations of him. The Giants still have deficiencies on the offensive line that aren't going away. I know we want somebody to take control of this Giants gig, but I can't believe it's going to happen for any of these guys.

Hey, can I play Duke Johnson in standard leagues? Yes.

Jimmy Koh and I co-own a team in Jonah Keri's "League of Leagues" spectacular that is a conglomeration of three sports (MLB, NFL, NBA) into one league. Jimmy wasn't too keen on me when I came back with Rex Burkhead and Duke Johnson as our RBs. Especially since it's standard scoring. But thanks to it being 14 teams, we've had to play Duke and he's been pretty good. He doesn't carry the ball a ton, but he does offer you a nice floor as the team's leading receiver. It's like having a receiver who sometimes runs the ball.

Who is the Packers running back I would want? Jamaal Williams

Assuming Williams practices this week, it's important to note he was the next guy up when Ty Montgomery went down on Thursday night. Williams is a grader, who I feel could have a pretty nice role with the Packers if given the chance. He racked up a lot of yardage at BYU and he's unspectacular at times to watch on the field. But you look at the end of the game and are like, "Whoa, how did this guy get 100 yards?"

Who is the running back to roster from the Seahawks? Thomas Rawls

Oh man. We haven't done well with the Seahawks backfield. But I'm going to roll out Rawls in a few leagues. It's not ideal. Rawls was a healthy scratch on Sunday night, but indications from Pete Carroll says he's likely to go back with Rawls. Contain your excitement. But the Rams have allowed the most points to fantasy running backs. Which is fun.

Wait, J.D. McKissic?

He's this week's Tarik Cohen.

Are we chasing the points with Devin Funchess? Sort of

The Patriots matchup was favorable for the Panthers and Funchess, and it appears as if he's ready to step into the void left by Greg Olsen's injury. You're playing matchups with him, though. So pick your spots wisely. Like this week. If Darius Slay is on Kelvin Benjamin, Funchess could benefit.

Same with Will Fuller? Probably

I'm a huge fan of Fuller. He played really well against the Titans on Sunday. The production was exciting. But I'm going to wager a guess that the Texans don't put up 59 points this week. I know, HOT TAEK ALERT.

Who is a receiver many are avoiding but should do well? DeVante Parker

I know. I shouldn't advocate a Dolphins player at this point. But I love the matchup against the Titans who have been very vulnerable to receivers this year. And this is the perfect spot in the season where Cutler has pretty much fumigated the Hype Train to clear even the most ardent supporters. Then he goes out and does his best work. You'll all be talking about how Cutler has finally turned the corner and then he flames out in Week 6 and you hate him again. Trust me.

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