Odell Beckham's finger tells the tale of 2017 Giants


This New York Giants season has gone sideways in a hurry. Another descriptive term that would fit for 0-4 Big Blue? Crooked. Real crooked.

I give this game everything I got. Ain't no way around it..

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That right there folks is a dislocated index finger caused by the velocity of a football thrown at a high rate of speed. If you've ever suffered this type of injury you know how outrageously painful it is. When Giants coach Ben McAdoo called the finger "sore" on Monday, it felt like the understatement of the year. Mark it off as another thing for irate WFAN callers to complain about.

And what's the worst part of dislocating your finger? Knowing you still have to pop the sucker back into place.

This is why I sit in front of a laptop for a living. Well, that and a limited amount of natural athletic ability. But yeah, mostly the dislocated finger fear.