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Cam Newton to pass Jake Delhomme with next win


Cam Newton is not the winningest quarterback in Panthers history -- yet.

The Charlotte Observer uncovered an interesting, hidden-in-plain-sight nugget this week when talking to Newton and Jake Delhomme, who are tied for the franchise lead in victories with 53.

Delhomme compiled the total between 2003 and 2009, with 10-, 11- and 12-win seasons on his resume. Newton, who has been Carolina's starter since 2011, has just two double-digit win seasons to his name this far (12 wins in 2013 and 15 wins in 2015).

While quarterback wins are a terrible metric (if we could even call it a metric) it does tell an interesting story of two teams. Like the Observer mentioned, both had relatively the same amount of success but in unrecognizable ways.

To me, it also brings up a fascinating question: What is a franchise quarterback, and what does it matter if a team comes upon one at 28 instead of 21?

"Our team in Carolina right now is basically predicated on how (Cam) plays," Delhomme said. "I think most teams are like that, but I think it's more heavily tilted toward if Cam plays well, we're going to win the game. Whereas I think they did some things when I was there, we kind of maneuvered it so they could have won in spite of me, so to speak."

The piece is well worth your time if only for Delhomme and Newton's separate reactions to the news that they are not the winningest quarterback in team history. One seems surprised he was even still in the conversation while the other seems to have thought it happened a little while ago.