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Hue Jackson: I'd take half of Indians' winning streak


An incredible moment is taking place just 30 minutes northeast of the Browns' Berea, Ohio, facility.

The Cleveland Indians have won 22 straight games, which is a modern baseball record. They have two more consecutive wins than the 2002 Oakland Athletics of Moneyball fame (a team that featured the analysis of now-Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta), and that streak ended up being the central storyline in a feature film about the Athletics' unique roster construction.

So it's no wonder that coach Hue Jackson wants the 0-1 Browns to get in on the action. A 22-game winning streak would take the Browns through this year's Super Bowl and in to next season. But a one-game winning streak would lift them over the Baltimore Ravens for the first time since October of 2015. That would be good enough right now.

"Oh, absolutely 'I will take that,'" Jackson said of 22 wins, via "I will take half of that right now. They've done an outstanding job and my hat is off to them.

"Everything they have done, they are on their way back again. They have great management. They have done a great job acquiring other players. They are what it is all about. This city is rockin' now, there is no question. We have had the Cavs, we have the Indians ... C'mon Browns, let's go."

This is an interesting time to be a Cleveland sports fan. With the novelty and charm of the long-suffering Boston sports fan wearing off years ago, the focus has shifted to those supporting the Indians, Cavaliers and Browns.

Having LeBron James come home and deliver the a championship was arguably the greatest moment in the city's sporting history. The Indians nearly pulled off a World Series win over the Chicago Cubs last year.

The Browns are currently the furthest team away from completing the trifecta -- but don't feel nearly as far away as they did a few years ago. After taking the Steelers to the brink last week, starting a win streak of their own would go a long way toward changing the team's perception amid all the magic taking place around them.

The longest winning streak in modern NFL history, with playoff wins included, is 21 straight by the New England Patriots between 2003 and 2004. Should the Browns go 1-1 after Sunday, it's something for Jackson to shoot for.