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Wallace: 'Weapon X' Joe Flacco to surprise in return


Ravens receivers are now apparently referring to injured quarterback Joe Flacco as Weapon X -- Baltimore's top secret key to unlocking the offense.

From ESPN on Sunday:

"Top-secret, baby! Top-secret," wide receiver Mike Wallace said of Flacco. "We can't give you any glimpses of Joe. When he comes back, you all are going to see. He has gained like 30 pounds of muscle, he is running like a 4.5 [40-yard dash] now. He is like Weapon X. He is under wraps right now, but when he comes back, it is going to be crazy."

This was perhaps a prelude to a more serious analysis of Baltimore's current offensive woes.

"We have some guys injured -- different lineups, different guys in and out. It is just a progression. I think we will be fine, or I know we will be fine come Week 1," Wallace said, via The Baltimore Sun. "We are missing our top weapon, which is our quarterback. Once he comes back, things will all start to fall in place, guys will feel better. We have all the confidence in the world in Ryan, though. We will go out and [do] whatever we have to do. But when you have a guy like Joe just sitting, you are licking your chops just waiting for him to come back, because we know the type of energy and the type of guy he is and the talent level he is going to bring to our offense."

It's a good sign that Wallace is keeping the troops lighthearted. Free agents coming to a new team and veterans hanging on for one last run all hinge on the health of the starting quarterback. In this case, if Flacco's back injury turns out to linger beyond the original three-to-six week timetable initially reported by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, it's going to start causing some Ravens to freak out.

In the meantime, we can all join Wallace in choosing to believe Flacco will return as part human, part football android bent on AFC North domination.


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