Guy Fieri, Beast Mode chop it up at Raiders hotel


What do you know about Guy Fieri? You probably know he's a celebrity chef. You're probably aware he's on TV a lot, possesses a shock of bleached blonde hair and bares a general resemblance to the guy from Smash Mouth. You might know The New York Times is not about it.

But did you know that Guy Fieri is a Raiders fan? That he's been coming to Raiders camp for the past several years to serve up his own take on American food? You probably didn't know that!

There's Marshawn Lynch (probably) pointing to an empty plot of land that could serve as the anchor franchise location for Beast-Fieri Soulmurica.

"That's Flavortown all day," Fieri explains to his hypothetical business partner as Lynch munches on some familiar rainbow-colored candy.

Get ready: Skittles Margarita Marshawn Madness® coming to the third floor of a mall near you.