Dan Quinn's clock motivates, useless on practical level


Football coaches are funny creatures.

Just look at the premiere of Hard Knocks as an example. At the top of the episode, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter explains to his players that teams are like rockets. "Most of the work has to happen before hand!" Koetter posits.

About 30 minutes later, it's special teams coordinator Nate Kaczor's turn. Kaczor shows his players a large image of a nearby construction site that will eventually become the Bucs' new training facility. That's like football teams, too. "In order for us to reach our goal, we need you! We need the cement truck to get this building up!"

Signage outside the doorway hammers the analogy home further: "THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION."

This is somewhat related, but check out this tweet from The MMQB's Jonathan Jones:

Motivation for days, sure, but it's not exactly the most practical wall art. Whatever, coaches love this stuff. You do you, Danny.

Final thought: If you put Quinn's clock in Tom Coughlin's office -- this being a unconventional time piece that laughs in the face of Coughlin's infamous you're-late-if-you're-not-15-minutes-early stance -- would it rip a hole in the universe's time-space continuum?

'Cos I kinda think it would.