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Bill Belichick: Vince Wilfork never failed a weigh-in


Patriots legend Vince Wilfork, whose weight was always more accurately ballparked by announcers who referred to him as the three hundred-and-something pound defensive tackle, was apparently never too heavy for Bill Belichick.

At Wilfork's retirement news conference Wednesday, Belichick said he never once saw Wilfork botch a weigh-in or conditioning test. This is surprising given how the Patriots coach is particular about everything, including the temperature of the sports drinks supplied to his opponents during home games.

"This is maybe surprising, but it's true," Belichick said, via CSN New England. "Vince never one time was fined for being overweight and never one time missed the conditioning test. The conditioning test honestly wasn't even close. Vince could run. That was never an issue. There were times when he would come in for the weigh-ins and we would say, like, 'Man, is he going to make it today?' But 11 years, never fined one time for being overweight."

Some of the greatest athletes in professional sports history are the ones who use a unique body type to their advantage. Wilfork understood his gravity base and power source better than perhaps any nose tackle in NFL history. Like Shaquille O'Neal's body control or Frank Thomas' ability to smoothly transfer weight from one foot to another during his swing, Wilfork stood out as an athlete that did not succumb to some of the typical stereotypes of his size.

Wilfork joked some of his weigh-ins were close calls, and that if he were tested again 30 minutes later Belichick would not have been as happy. But that's simply part of Wilfork's lore. No one understood how the hands of a cornerback and the agility of a linebacker were placed in his frame to begin with. No one may ever understand how he made weight year in and year out.


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