Derek Carr aiming to win 'multiple' Super Bowl titles


Apparently, Derek Carr is on the Jim Irsay-Andrew Luck plan in Oakland.

Just like the Colts owner is already eyeing multiple Super Bowl wins for his franchise quarterback, so too is Carr with the Raiders.

"Win a Super Bowl," Carr told the Last Vegas Review-Journal when asked which dreams he's yet to live out. "And not just one but multiple."

While this could fall under the banal, what was he supposed to say? category, it does bring up an interesting thought about the future of quarterbacking in the NFL. After Manning/Manning/Brady/Brees/Rivers/Roethlisberger/Rodgers, there will be new face-of-the-league quarterbacks who will populate and take over the NFL. Among the quarterbacks in the league 26 and under, is there a player with a better chance of fulfilling the multiple Super Bowl goal than Carr?

A look at last year's top passers shows just eight players under the age of 30 in the top 15, with Carr (26) and Jameis Winston (23) being the youngest and more than a few just about to turn 30. As it currently stands, there isn't a player with a better combination of current weapons and complementary defense than Carr. Obviously, the Raiders see a window immediately and are trying to capitalize before the entire team becomes too expensive to keep together.

So while this might be just another player going on about the same dreams every player has in the NFL, it is fun to think about the ones who could actually make it happen. Perhaps Carr's chances are even better than Luck's, despite Irsay's grandest wishes.